“I’ve got a Salvador Perez, Zaida!!!” “Look at these Yankees cards Zaida.”…the magic and excitement of baseball cards. By Chuck Duboff

One of my favourite blogs that I’ve written.

Chuck Eclectic Blog

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I was wowed when I saw the Bryce Harper card mixed in with all the other ones.  There he was in his powerful swing, glossy white and red Nationals jersey,,,and I was holding that card in my hand.  Here I am 63 years old and feeling the same magic I did when I was a little guy.  An Aaron Judge card…right here on my coffee table…he’s crushing home runs and here he is right in front of me.

I remember as a little kid saving up my pennies to be able to go and buy another package of baseball cards; those cardboard pictures and stats of Major League baseball players.  It didn’t matter if it was a Carl Yaztremski or a Smokey Burgess card.  These guys had made it to the big time and I was in awe of them.  It had always been my dream to play in the…

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