Major League Baseball notebook…by Chuck Duboff

© Chuck Duboff

brett-gardner_ero4c3usuimo10fltpwdqn2fk (1).jpg

Yankees LF and lead off hitter Brett Gardner…having a great season, getting better with age.

  • I was adamant in my claim that Aaron Judge should not participate in the Home Run Hitting contest, as it has historically messed up hitters’ swings.  Well, Judge was amazing in the the HR contest…but, as I said, he has seemed lost at the plate since then.   He is batting in the low .160’s after hitting in the .330’s the first half of the season.  Judge is swinging at sliders that he was laying off of in the first half, resulting in strikeouts in 26 straight games.  He’s a kid and has had a great rookie season…and probably has great things ahead, but…


    Nolan Arenado

  • The Colorado Rockies are a fun team to watch…Nolan Arenado is a special player.
  • Chris Sale, Corey Kluber, Max Scherzer, Clayton Kershaw….that’s some pretty sweet pitching right now in the Majors.
  • What else is left to say about Bryce Harper and Mike Trout?  They truly are generational players…superstars!!  Watching them both play is a treat…Harper has a little more swagger to his game, while Trout is just a joy to watch, whether in the batters box or making amazing catches in the outfield.
  • Watching the Winnipeg Goldeyes Reggie Abercrombie play centre field gives you a brief glimpse into what got him to the Majors; playing Independent League baseball, he still gives it everything he has…and makes catches that you don’t normally see in Indy ball.  “Why isn’t Reggie playing in the Majors Zaida?” asks my granddaughter Laine.  I respond, it’s probably because his bat wouldn’t be fast enough and being in his late ’30’s, not many teams want to take a chance on someone that age.  We’re lucky we get to see a player of his calibre right here in Winnipeg.


    Winnipeg Goldeyes Reggie Abercrombie

  • Talkng about great catches; this might be the best catch I’ve ever seen…Austin Jackson of the Detroit Tigers crashing into the Red Sox bullpen and making a spectacular catch:
  • As a follow up to my blog of last week, I’d suggest Mr. Girardi’s managing seat is warming up quite a bit.  The team isn’t hitting, at all…there doesn’t seem to be any life in them.  After being in first place a full game ahead of the Red Sox, the Yankees suddenly find themselves four games out of first this morning.
  • The Red Sox were slumbering along (see NY Yankees) when they made a trade for Eduardo Nunez and called up their number one rookie prospect Rafael Devers; what a jolt of energy the two have brought to their team…woke them up and they are suddenly in first by four games.
  • The Los Angeles Dodgers are playing some kind of baseball; they recently completed a 43-7 stretch, the likes of which has not been seen for over 100 years. Again, it is the youth of that team that is talented and playing with great energy.  I’ve never disliked the Dodgers, but have never really been a fan…I must say I am enjoying watching this team.  It’s surprising when you realize they haven’t won a World Series since 1988.  That’s a long time in Dodger Land…I’m sure Mr. Lasorda is one happy Dodger fan these days.

    Dodgers 3B man Justin Turner


  • Would love to see teams like the Brewers and Pirates make the playoffs, but it will still be the big money Cubs and Dodgers who squeeze those teams out.  Small market teams, like the Minnesota Twins, always seem to be at a competitive disadvantage trying to beat teams like the Yankees and Red Sox.
  • Seriously, what is it that keeps Mike Scioscia as manager of the Anaheim Angels…he’s been there for, I believe, 17 years and all they ever seem to do is tread water.
  • Brett Gardner has really grown on me this season, giving the Yankees a great left field and hitting out of the lead off spot at a level I never expected for him.  Seems to be getting better with age.

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