Winnipeg Goldeyes news & notes…by Chuck Duboff


Goldeyes Reggie Abercrombie alongside Hall of Famer Andre Dawson.

  • Goldeyes manager Rick Forney pulls off a huge trade with Gary, getting an All Star starting pitcher in Charle Rosario; Rick had to give up a lot to get him, but it’s the kind of acquisition that could bring another championship to the Goldeyes.  Heading to Gary are Daniel Minor, 4 players to be named later and cash…that’s a lot, but, without quality starting pitching, you’re going nowhere.
  • Heading into the last few weeks of the regular season, the Goldeyes sit comfortably atop the Northern Division, with most of their remaining games to be played at home.  Would be nice to see the Goldeyes finish first, and get home field advantage for the playoffs.  As Rick said last fall after winning the championship…it would be nice to win it right here at Shaw Park.
  • I’ve enjoyed seeing Bryan Trottier, Gaylord Perry and Andre Dawson at Shaw Park this season; it just adds something to the ballpark when you see Hall of Famers walking the concourse.
  • This is Reggie Abercrombie’s time of year…he gets the rest of the team playing at its best, simply by playing his best.  Don’t see him slowing down at all.    Very cool that Andre Dawson considered Reggie to be like a “son” to him when Reggie was playing for the Miami Marlins and the Hawk was in the front office.  Reggie leaves a good impression where ever he goes.


    Goldeyes Reggie Abercrombie

  • It’s that time of year, when the days will start to get shorter, the season will be coming to an end and the baseball will intensify.  If you enjoy baseball, now is the time to get out to the ballpark.
  • I don’t think many people in this city know all that the Goldeyes Field of Dreams Foundation does for this city.  Well done Andrew.
  • Wouldn’t be surprised to see Rick add one more arm to his bullpen.
  • Thoughts and prayers go out to former Goldeyes coach Rudy Arias; his son passed away at the age of 39 years old.

    Rudy and i

    My good friend and former Goldeyes coach  Rudy Arias

  • Goldeyes have a solid 1-9 lineup and with the addition of Rosario, they now have what looks like a solid rotation lining up behind Goldeyes Ace, Kevin McGovern.
  • Lots of baseball to be played at Shaw Park…now is the fun time of year in a baseball season.

    Goldeyes Ace Kevin McGovern


  • Ben and Laine will be getting to four games next week, here in Winnipeg and in Fargo…they sure do love their baseball and especially their Goldeyes.

One thought on “Winnipeg Goldeyes news & notes…by Chuck Duboff

  1. Great blog – Love that picture of Mr. Dawson and Reggie.
    The term Mr. October, for a player who picks his game up another level or 2 when the playoffs begin.
    Reggie is our Mr. October with the exception, he has to do it in Aug. early Sept. with oUr schedule.
    BIG move by Mgr.Rick Forney to get Charle Rosario, adding to his list of starters, great addition.
    Minor, 4 players TBA & cash considerations, sounds and looks steep but isn’t it true that ” you have to give to get ” and Goldeyes needed another good quality starter for the playoff run.
    Season has gone by so quickly, 7 more away games and 17 home games starting this evening at Shaw Park, come on down to Shaw Park and enjoy some Goldeye Baseball. GO GOLDEYES!


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