Vladimir Putin, Neo-Nazis, White Supremacists; not a word of criticism from Donald Trump…by Chuck Duboff



© Chuck Duboff

On Saturday, Donald Trump made very clear where he stands on racism and hatred. While Neo-Nazis marched the streets of Charlottesville, Virginia, inciting rioting and ugly racists taunting, Donald Trump chose not to single out this ugly stain on America.  While leading Republicans deplored the civil unrest of the White Supremacists, Donald Trump chose to say there is blame on all sides.


Trump is a mere puppet for Vladamir Putin and his white nationalist philosophy and marches to the playbook of the Alt-Right and Steve Bannon.  Clearly, Putin and Bannon want to create civil unrest within American society, pitting white nationalists against blacks and Jews, denigrating Gay individuals and adding fuel to civil unrest.  What will follow is a need for Marshall Law, citizens confined to their homes, while the Dictator Trump and his confidant Bannon take control of the country.

car vir


It speaks volumes to the state of the American mindset when an individual like Colin Kapernick, former QB for the San Francisco ’49ers is blackballed from the NFL for taking a knee during the National Anthem, yet Neo-Nazis roam the streets, inciting violence…while the President does nothing.  When the Black Lives Matter protestors quietly marched the streets, state troopers were out in full force,,,yet, yesterday, the President sat idly by at his golf course and watched the ugliness unfold.


I would suggest that had that individual who drove the car into the crowd and killed an American citizen been Muslim, all hell would have broken loose.  Trump would have called it Radical Islamic Terrorism.  Yet, a white Neo-Nazi drives a car into a crowd of people and Donald Trump can’t stand up and say: that was White Nationalist Terrorism.



The citizens of the United States need to take a stand; Republicans need to challenge their leader; after just eight months in office, Donald Trump has the world on the brink of Nuclear War with North Korea, threatening military action with Venezuela and has Neo-Nazis unleashing civil disobedience through out the country.



This “insanity” is only going to exacerbate…the United States, the world is on the precipice of WWIII.


One thought on “Vladimir Putin, Neo-Nazis, White Supremacists; not a word of criticism from Donald Trump…by Chuck Duboff

  1. Truly troubling times and those that could stop this man and his shadowy inner circle, stand idly by. More concerned with their bank accounts than the country they live in.
    My friend, a history buff, predicted civil war with this election. Looks like he may be proven right.
    As a junior high student, some decades ago, I studied WWII, and so many signs are leading up to another large scale uprising. Even the Make America Great Again slogan is similar to what Hitler sold the general public in his time.
    It seems so obvious to anyone that has studied or read history books.
    Greed and the need for power are eroding the values once held dear in the U.S.
    I recently crossed the border to attend the Blues Fest in Fargo ND. I’ve never met the level of sarcastic remarks from a border guard as I did on that crossing. It was like a new sense of power had been bestowed on him.
    I’ve never felt the need to watch what I say as much as I did in a predominantly Trump supported area.

    I have to hand it to Trump in that he played the American public like a pro. I hope someone wakes up and sees the truth before it’s too late.


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