Memo to President Trump & Republicans: Americans fought and died to stop the spread of Nazism, White Nationalism!!…by Chuck Duboff

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© Chuck Duboff

Throughout the 1930’s Adolf Hitler grew a base of Nazi followers, which emboldened his quest for the ultimate “white race”.  He killed millions of Jews, Gypsies and Gays in order to purify the white race. This led to World War II, as countries around the world stood up to the spread of Nazism.  Soldiers from all over the world fought the scourge of Nazism…and Mr.President, this included thousands of American soldiers who died for their country, while hoping to stop the spread of Nazism.


On Saturday, August 11th, nearly 80 years since America and countries around the world stopped the spread of Nazism, Neo-Nazis took over the streets of Charlottesville, Virginia, chanting Nazi slogans and wearing Nazi garb.

Nazi arm band

Rioting broke out on the streets, as citizens attempted to stand up to these ugly individuals.  Saturday afternoon a Nazi sympathizer took a car and drove it into a…

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