Andrew Harris & the Bombers keep on rolling in front of an electric crowd!!…by Chuck Duboff

© Chuck Duboff


Andrew Harris

  • Thank you Wally Buono…having Andrew Harris come home and inspire and electrify his teammates and fans…a Winnipeg boy who gets to play in front of family, friends and fans!!  What a dominant, dominant performance…one of the best I’ve ever seen!!  120 yards receiving, 105 yards rushing!
  • Matt Nichols is in a zone…hasn’t thrown an interception in four games; went toe to toe with his best friend Mike Reilly and came out on top!!  Threw for nearly 500 yards and is showing an ability to scramble when needed!!

    FBO CFL Picks 20161102

    Matt Nichols

  • Not sure what the Bombers are paying Justin Medlock (think it’s around 170,000$), but whatever it is, he is worth every penny!!  He is clutch and is so important to the success of this team!!
  • Bombers O-Line are meat grinders; you can just see them drooling every time a running play is called for Harris or Timothy Flanders.  They are opening huge holes…resulting in big gains!!  They are doing a great job of keeping Nichols clean through the whole game.

    Bomber o-line

    Some Grade ! Canada Beef…Travis Bond and Stanley Bryant

  • The Bombers seem so well prepared, game in and game out.  That goes to coaching…all the coaches, whether QB coach, O-Line coach, DB coach, special teams coach or Head Coach Mike O’Shea…the Bombers seem ready to go from the opening kickoff…(something I think Paul Maurice needs to talk to Coach O’Shea about!!)


    Head Coach Mike O’Shea

  • What an electric, electric atmosphere at IGF last night, with over 30, 500 making as much noise as I’ve ever heard at a Bomber game!! it’s been a long time coming…can’t remember the last time I was so excited for a Bomber game!!  The noise was “real” not “hopeful”  Fans were in the game and the noise was electrifying!!  Shoutout to both Kyle Walters and Wade Miller for all your hard work in restoring the franchise…to a point where having pride in your team isn’t shameful!!
  • One sour note that must be stated…Roc Carmichael is killing the Bombers at corner; he struggled early in the season at halfback; they moved him to the corner three games ago..last night, he kept getting burned on deep balls; QB’s will continue to go after him until the Bombers make a change.
  • Not quite as bad leaving IGF after the game…much more organized than it had been!!  Slow, of course…30K are leaving the game…just the fact that there is better organization leaving the stadium makes it tolerable.
  • TJ Thorpe is the real deal; gotta get his hands on the ball more!!  He’s got a great future ahead of him.
  • When Dressler gets back…in my books its Denmark who has to come out…but, we’ll leave that up to the coaches.
  • It’s been a long, long time since I’ve enjoyed a Bomber game and season this much; the pride is back and to me that’s what had been lost.  Shout out to the whole Bomber organization for giving us back our team!!
  • For those who know me, you know I’ve got, between baseball, hockey and football, more than 50 different jerseys…Mr.Harris…a Winnipeg born Bomber star…and one of our best running backs ever…you will be the next addition to my collection.

    Winnipeg Blue Bombers v Saskatchewan Roughriders

    Andrew Harris with some help from Travis Bond.


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