Monday morning Major League Notebook…by Chuck Duboff

© Chuck Duboff


Mike Trout

Mike Trout

  • Mike Trout is as good as they come; make it six seasons with at least 25 Home Runs and playing a defence that is incomparable.  I can only imagine the hype there would be about him if he were playing on the east coast; a New Jersey boy…loves his Philadelphia teams.  One of the greats.
  • Speaking of great…that is some kind of lineup the Red Sox put on the field.  Adding Rafael Devers and Anthony Binatendi has only made them stronger.  Going to be tough for my Yankees to catch them.
  • Speaking of my Yankees…this past weekend in Boston, Hicks, Judge and Sanchez each went 1 for 12…a combined 3 for 36; you’re not going to win many games with the meat of your order not producing.
  • Aaron Judge, pre All Star break: .334 BA and 30 HR; post All Star break: .122 BA and 7 HR.   He’s got to find his swing…chasing everything, sliders, high pitches…he looks lost.
  • Very well done MLB; your synergy with Little League baseball was terrific…watching major leaguers playing in a 2000 seat stadium, with little league teams watching…can only help to build our great game.  Then watching big leaguers shaking hands…just like the kids do…love it!!shaking hands
  • There is so much incredible young talent in the majors right now: Cody Bellinger, Rafael Devers, Anthony Binatendi, Aaron Judge, Bryce Harper, Mike Trout, Jose Altuve,  John Carlo Stanton, Jose Ramirez…the future of baseball looks bright.
  • I had heard a lot about Sonny Grey before the Yankees got him at the trade deadline; sure haven’t seen much of him in his first few starts as a Yankee…always seems to be labouring on the mound, pitch count gets high really quickly and low strike out totals.  Hope he’s not another one of those guys who can’t play under the big spotlight in New York city.
  • Love, love, love this idea…all teams will be wearing specially designed socks…I’m a traditionalist and always loved the high socks and stirups…MLB is catching onto what the fans want…well done!!
  • Though I’m not a fan of the St. Louis Cardinals like my dad was, they sure do know how to rock those uniforms.
  • Aroldis Chapman has lost his closer role with the Yankees…costing them games in the 9th inning…three games in a row, he gave up two runs in the 9th; been relegated to 6th or 7th inning to regain his form.  Yankees are fortunate to have David Robertson and Dellin Betances  to close.
  • I think MLB umpires are feeling the heat with all the talk of virtual strike zones; though all the technology in baseball is not something I’m getting used to…watching some of the missed calls in the strike zone and then players being thrown out of games…you wonder if a virtual strike zone would calm down all the arguing about strike zone calls.  I don’t envy umpires and the pressure they are under.
  • It’s really something watching the way teams are setting up their infields based on the analytics; numbers don’t lie..and when a guy hits a ball right at an infielder who was positioned in a weird spot  (3rd baseman between 1st and 2nd), there is something to be said for all the analytics and number crunching.  David Cone, who does colour on the Yankees broadcasts, is obsessed with the numbers and sure makes the game interesting with all the information he gives the listener.
  • I DO NOT LIKE the “go to first base” intentional walk…where a manager just puts of four fingers and the hitter goes to first.  This is an attempt to save time…really two extra minutes??  What if there is a wild pitch on an intentional walk…what if the pitcher mixes up the batter and throws a strike?  Sorry MLB, this one I don’t agree with!!
  • Cubs are getting back into form…they may peak just in time for the playoffs!!


    Pirates Andrew McCutchen witting with the kids at the Little League World Series!!


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