Winnipeg Jets have a short window to win, before cap crunch hits!!…by Geoff Brookes

If you are a Winnipeg Jets fan, this blog is a must read; great insight by Geoff Brookes into the impending cap crunch the team will be facing.

Chuck Eclectic Blog

“On the Beam”…the weekly Winnipeg Jets blog by Geoff Brooks

Chevy4 Winnipeg Jets GM, Kevin Cheveldayoff, has got his hands full trying to juggle the many upcoming contracts and fitting them in under the salary cap.

© Geoff Brookes

The Plot

For six years now, fans of the Winnipeg Jets have heard the familiar mantras from the Jets’ management:

  • “The Winnipeg Jets will make player acquisitions to help them make a deep playoff run, when they are ready to be a contender.”
  • “The Jets will spend to the cap, when they are ready to be a contender.”

Guess what?

The Jets are a cap team, as of this moment. (My figures are generally rounded to the nearest million, for reading ease – courtesy of and

The cap is $75 M for this 2017-18 year. The Jets have $67 M in cap hits from active player contracts for this year…

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