Nichols & Randle clutch, as Bombers win 5th in a row; now 7-2…by Chuck Duboff


© Chuck Duboff

  • Had a great feeling going into the Edmonton game last week, but was really nervous about Montreal…the boys hung in there, showed a lot of confidence, and came away with a double OT 34-31 win.
  • Can’t say enough about the quarterbacking we are getting from Matt Nichols; since he took over as the starter, midway through 2016, the Bombers record is 16-5.  The man produces when the game is on the line and never loses his composure.
    Nichols MTL

    Matty Ice.


  • Have never been a big fan of Clarence Denmark, but he has been a valuable piece to the Bombers offence this season; he may not break the big ones, but, when we need ten yards, you can count on Denmark to come through.
  • Chris Randle is playing an outstanding corner for the Bombers; two more big pics last night…the second one was huge in double OT…he is the CFL equivalent of Revis island…I don’t know why any team would throw to his side…along with TJ Heath, quarterbacks are reluctant to throw at those two all – stars!!
    Chris Randle Jeremy Lewis

    Another big pick by Bombers Chris Randle.


  • There was a lot of sloppy tackling by the Bombers; several times they had Durant all lined up for a sack and poor tackling let him get out of their grasp…I’m sure the D coaches will be pointing that out in film review.
  • While on some poor plays…Bombers had several screen passes set up beautifully…but the o-linemen in front of Andrew Harris kept missing their blocks resulting in little gain on the plays.  You gotta finish your blocks!!
  • Andrew Harris is such a blood and guts player…with every carry, reception, game, he is turning into one of my all time favourite Bombers.  Like LeBron James coming home to Cleveland to win a championship for his home city, I see Harris putting his hometown team on his shoulders, wanting to win that Grey Cup for his city.  He’ll be a hero in this city for life if he can lead us to the promised land.
    FBO CFL Alouettes Blue Bombers 20170727

    Harris…blood and guts…takes a lot to bring him down!!


  • Special teams are looking really good; love how they read the fake punt and created a turnover for the Blue; their punt and kickoff coverage is getting better every game.
  • Have no idea what the Bombers are going to do with their lineup when Weston Dressler is ready to come back; hoping they find a way to keep Timothy Flanders in the backfield with Harris; the duel threat makes it difficult for teams to key on one player…really not sure what they will do.
  • And then there is Money Medlock; what more can we say about him than he is Mr. Automatic…two field goals of 47 yards, one of 37 yards and then in double OT kicks the winning field goal.  He bounced around the NFL a lot, believe it was seven teams, but I sure am thankful the Bombers opened their bank account and made him a Blue Bomber.  Once we are inside the other teams 50, it’s almost like we know we’ve got three points, let’s try and get seven!!

    Medlock wins another one for the Big Blue


  • The confidence this team is displaying is that of a champion; been a long time since I’ve seen a Bomber team so confident…never getting down and playing like they “know they are going to win.”  Sure is fun watching this 2017 edition of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

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