Saturday Morning Random Thoughts…by Chuck Duboff

© Chuck Duboff

  • I know this may seem like an odd way to start….but, I want to acknowledge an actor who was never really a huge star…Jay Thomas, 69, passed away this week from cancer; he was one of those character actors who just seemed to put a smile on your face, whether he was Carla’s hockey playing husband on Cheers or a regular on Murphy Brown and David Letterman.  Watching the stars who shaped your life and entertained you, passing away…it sure is a reality check.  RIP Jay…you were as big a star as anyone and brought a lot of smiles to us all.
  • Brian Pallister, you should only have the guts to share your truth the way Wab Kinew does.  Yes, he has had a checkered past, but, he is open to speak about it and talk about how he has grown as a man.  You just slash and burn here in Manitoba and then run and hide in Costa Rica, Mr. Pallister.  Mr. Kinew has more class and dignity than you and all your big dollars will ever have.
    wab kinew
  • It’s Saturday, August 26, 2017…and your Winnipeg Blue Bombers are in first place half way through the season.  Hands up anybody who predicted a 7-2 start to the season.  It’s been a great one so far…now we are in for two big ones against Saskatchewan.
  • Speaking of first place…that’s where the Winnipeg Goldeyes find themselves with just a week left in the season.  They have a four game lead over Fargo and home field advantage throughout the playoffs would be sweet.  While winning two championships in the past five years has been awesome, it would be sweet to see the team win a championship right here at Shaw Park!!
    goldeyes win
  • I am at a point where I am at a loss for words to describe the sanctimonious, narcissistic, smug, racist, criminal behaviour of the President of the United States; the noose is tightening and with each day Robert Mueller gets one step closer to sending Herr Trump and his gang of Nazis to jail.
  • Jerry Lewis, another legend, passes away at 91 years old.  A very complex man who fought many battles.  In his younger days he sure kept us in stitches with classics like The Nutty Professor.  Man, as a kid, I sure did love that movie…hilarious.  In his older days, Jerry fought hard for Muscular Dystrophy…raising millions of dollars.  He entertained and fought with Dean Martin…RIP Jerry, you truly were great!!
  • You can hear the hockey chatter in the city picking up.  There is an anticipation that this is going to be a very special season…if you didn’t have a chance to read my good friend Geoff Brookes’ analysis of the Jets small window to win, you can find it right here on the blog:…and watch for a weekly blog by Geoff on the Winnipeg Jets (though during tax season that may be tough, right pal?…lol)
  • What a beautiful summer we’ve had…but, you sure can feel the chill in the air in the evenings…September is just around the corner…and it will be time to say goodbye to some great weather!!
  • What are you doing today to stand up to RACISM?  Anything?  Or are you just going to stand idly by and do nothing…pretend like nothing is happening.
  • When an important person in your life says to you: “Chuck, I don’t have time to answer your messages.”  You know where you stand in their life…pretty daymn clear.
  • If you don’t have anything good to say about someone…best keep your words to yourself.
  • Rod Black…theeeee worst broadcaster in sports.  His non stop talk about Nik Lewis during the Bomber game Thursday night was unreal…there were two teams on the field, the Bombers won the game…and yet it was non stop chatter about Lewis.
  • These words were scribed by a Luthern Pastor, MARTIN NIEMOLLER…they are so very important…as we watch Trump and his gang of racist Nazis shun Muslims, Hispanics, Jews…it’s time for everybody to wake up…do something, say something!!first they came for

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