Lovin my AmeriKKKa…(warning, strong language); by Chuck Duboff

© Chuck Duboff   (FYI….THIS IS SATIRE!!!)


I fucking love this president!!  It’s about time we got our gawd daymn country back; all those fuckin Jews and Niggers and Mexeeecans ruining our great USA.  That last president, that nigger, Barak Obama he was ruining everything…protecting blacks, letting the Jews run everything, letting all those Muslims come into our great country, letting our country get run over by all dem Lateeeenos crossin the border.

Now we got a real president!!  Pardons Sherrif Joe…what crap was that charging him, when the man was just arrestin anyone who looked like a Latino…what the fuck is wrong with the that!!


We got Trump now standing up for my KKK brothers…good on dem for bringing out their swaztikas and Nazi gear…all them Jews controllin all the money in this country, We finally got a president who won’t allow any queers in the military,,,they can go and do their weird sex stuff somewhere else!!  Trump standin up to all dem niggers…daymn straight the pOlice should be arrestin all dem niggers runnin around the streets!!

Trump is right!!!  Dem Muslims just wanna attack our country…they’re not red, white and blue ‘mericans like we are!!  We don’t need ’em, we don’t want ’em!!  Stay the fuck out of our country.


Like my KKK brothers, my Nazi friends…we got us a real president now!!!  We got Steve Bannon on our side!!  WE got a president who’ll stand up for Real America and make this country great again!!






3 thoughts on “Lovin my AmeriKKKa…(warning, strong language); by Chuck Duboff

  1. The horror that is the explosion of hatred within the US weakens us all. Is up to all of us to take a stand against bigotry and racism but it is also important to lead by example. If we have learned anything it is that hate cannot conquer hate. I feel I understand well what Chuck is saying and why. Borders mean nothing in times like these. We all share this shame of our brothers.


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    This blog was written to wake people up; this is the reality of what is happening in the United States; the response to the blog was tremendous; nearly 200 views of the blog; was it uncomfortable to write? Yes. Was it uncomfortable to read…of course!! But, that’s what good writing should do…evoke a reaction…whatever that may be…if you appreciated this writing…share with others…leave a comment…but, DO SOMETHING!!


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