Mark Chipman and David Thomson: a vision for a vibrant City of Winnipeg! By Geoff Brookes

Great blog by my pal Geoff Brookes…Mark Chipman and David Thomson with a vision for a vibrant downtown…city of Winnipeg!!

Chuck’s Eclectic Blog.

© Geoff Brookes

The cynical reader might point out that both of them are successful businessmen – David Thomson is reputedly among the richest in the world – and that they are all about making profits, as successful businessmen do.

But if you have listened to either of them speak – on any subject – you are immediately struck by a realization that they are passionate about what they do; that their values have less to do with dollar signs, and more to do with making a difference in their world.

On May 31, 2011, as I listened to the news conference for the return of the Jets, in the Boston Pizza at City Place with my friend Chuck, the fans listening to the news conference grew respectfully quiet, as David Thomson prepared to answer this question from the media:

May 31, 2011 – Question posed to David Thomson:


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