Saturday Morning Random Thoughts…by Chuck Duboff

© Chuck Duboff

  • Love the buildup to this classic Labour Day game between the Bombers and Riders; both teams playing great football, a new stadium and passionate fans…this is what football should feel like.  Been a long time since both teams were playing well at the same time.  Bombers #1 ranked offence against the Riders outstanding defence!!
  • To quote Michael Kay, Yankees broadcaster: “there’s an autumnal feel in the air.”
  • Jets season tix arrive!!!!!
  • Horrific hurricane destroying Houston and surrounding areas…this is the wrath of climate change…and deniers are living with their heads in the sand.
  • Exciting new gig…supervising and overseeing LSAT and MCAT exams…first one September 16th.



  • What a fabulous summer we had…steady all summer in the high 20’s, low 30’s…sun shine, no mosquitos, warm temps all behind us now…so, Puerto Vallarta, I shall be seeing you and your beautiful beaches and mountains in a few months.


  •  Joe Girardi…is your message getting tired?…have the players stopped listening to you?  There is so much talent on that team…no way should that talent laden team be struggling to hold onto a wild card spot.  You’re fortunate George isn’t around, because you and i both know he would be exploding right now, doing his best Donald Trump blowhard…and he’d have fired you weeks ago.
  • Last Sunday I wrote a blog “Luvin my AmeriKKKA..”  It certainly created a stir. Many uncomfortable reading it…BUT, more than 370 people took the time to read a very disturbing piece of writing.  The only responses I got were positive: “an important read”  “way to go Chuck” “that was scary and horrifying”.  One of the things I always taught my students was that if your writing produces a reaction in your reader, then you have done a good job; I dare say that was one of my better pieces of writing, eliciting a very strong reaction; if you didn’t get a chance to read it, here is the link:
  • Cannot wait for the Jets season to start…training camp around the corner and my “brother from another mother” Geoff Brookes, will be writing a weekly Jets column. I have instilled in Geoff to not just produce run of the mill blogs…don’t be afraid to question, to challenge, speculate…remember Geoff, you want a reaction out of your readers!!

    NHL: NOV 16 Jets at Blues

  • Herr Trump is feeling the noose tightening; Robert Mulleur made a brilliant move by working with the NY Attorney General, which will nullify Trump’s ability to issue pardons.  My prediction:  Trump will resign claiming he can’t work with Congress and Senate..unable to accomplish anything because of them.  Martyrdom will ensue and there will lots of violent clashes on the streets of the USA.
  • I hope Weston Dressler burns the Riders again; Chris Jones arrogance, not wanting to have someone “bigger” than himself in the eyes of Riders fans is unreal…how do you get rid of a talented player like Dressler.
  • To the believers out there, muchos gracias…to the negatrons, you’re not worth my time or energy.
  • Watching True North Square come up in downtown Winnipeg is so exciting…our city in a renaissance!!

    true north square

  • Always thought customers wishes come first…great customer service at Best Buy this week, meanwhile, another city business lost a loyal customer.
  • First musings of a novel…we shall see, but it seemed to have some life to it.
  • Was very cool this past summer…watched both ET and Field of Dreams with Laine and Ben; I think they found ET a little cheezy, but Field of Dreams really, really had them captivated, with lots of questions being asked.  Their commentary was so wonderful;  Laine:  Zaida, that’s not a baseball movie, that’s about having dreams in life!!   WOW, just WOW!!!   Ben ten minutes before this happens in the movie:  Zaida, I think he’s going to play catch with his dad!!   WOW, just WOW!!!
  • Here we go Bombers, here we go!!!!!  Here we go Bombers, here we go!!!!!
    My prediction:  38 – 27 Bombers.



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