Yankees crush the Red Sox, taking 3 out of 4, while the Bombers take it on the chin from the Riders…by Chuck Duboff


Moe Leggatt…a warrior on defence for the Bombers.

© Chuck Duboff

The ying and the yang of pro sports; emotions rising and falling with every play.  Sunday gave us a perfect example of what that expression means.

There had been the usual big buildup to the annual Labour Day Classic between the Winnipeg Blue Bombers and the Saskatchewan Roughriders.  I really wasn’t sure what the expect; even with their five game winning streak, the LDC has always been a tough game for the Bombers.  In the impressive new Mosaic Stadium, splashed in a sea of green and over 30,000 fans, kickoff finally arrived at the 3:00 in the afternoon.

Winning the coin toss, the Bombers chose to kick off to the Riders, who marched the field and got a field which the Bombers immediately matched, to make it an early 3-3.  That was the last time the game was close.  Saskatchewan, off of sloppy play by all three phases of the Bomber’s team, exploded to a 24-3 lead and never looked back.

Matty ice

Matty Ice…under pressure all game.

The only positive out of the game would be that the Bombers never gave up and kept fighting right to the end of the game; that, however, cannot mask some of the serious flaws which were exposed.  As I stated a few days ago, our secondary is a mess and getting beat regularly; Sam Hurl is not a MLB; there was no pressure on Glenn all game. On offence, Ryan Lankford and Clarence Denmark should not be starting; sitting TJ Thorpe just made no sense…the only reason Lankford is in the lineup is because of one kickoff return for a TD…he’s done nothing since.

MEMO TO CFL: those bush league tactics of faking injuries by the Riders were an embarrassment to the CFL; that is typical Chris Jones…the Riders should be fined and warned that they will receive delay of game penalties if they repeat their acting:

“if you wanna play soccer, go play soccer” Matt Nichols on Sask faking injuries.


The Riders player who faked an injury and walked off the field laughing.

It was a bad game, as many LDC are; this coming Saturday’s Banjo Bowl will show us what this Bombers team is made of…if there is no improvement from yesterday, then there will be real concern for the rest of this season.  There needs to be some massive changes to our defence…it was badly exposed yesterday and unless Richie Hall magically learns how to call a game, I’m afraid we’re in for a repeat performance.

It’ll be an exciting buildup to Saturday afternoon at IGF; 33,000 fans will be cheering on their Blue and hoping for a better performance

The New York Yankees had Luis Sevarino up against Chris Sale and the Red Sox; the Bronx Bombers had won two out of three and this was a pivotal game.  Win and the Bombers are only 3 1/2 back, however a loss would see the Yankees fall 5 1/2 game.


Luis Sevarino…turning into the Yankees ace.

Hoping for a Yankees win to ease the pain of the Big Blue’s afternoon performance, Sevarino came out dealing, while the Yankees got to Sale early, hitting three solo home runs.  Getting injured players back has made a huge difference for the Yankees…Matt Holiday, Starlin Castro, Greg Byrd making the lineup and bench a lot deeper.  Castro hit a bases loaded double scoring three runs…and the big Aaron Judge crushed a 469 foot home run giving the Yankees a 9-1 lead.


Matt Holiday…2 HR in first two games back from injury.

The Yankees starting rotation has given them solid starts for weeks now and with the return of the injured starting nine, this could be a fun last month of the season.  CC is pitching as good as ever, Tanaka has been outstanding the last ten games, Sevarino is a rising star and Sonny Grey has just pitched with some bad luck…you can see all the talent.  With a bullpen of Betances, David Robertson, Chapman and many more strong arms, this should be interesting.

The ying and the yang of pro sports…one minute you’re down and the next minute you’re up.


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