Maurice Leggett leads Bombers to a convincing 48-28 win over the Riders…by Chuck Duboff

© Chuck Duboff


  • So, for pre-game entertainment: we had an easy drive down St. Mary’s, over Bishop Grandin, looking forward to an exciting game; we get to Chancellor Matheson and a total bottle neck of traffic…couldn’t turn in to go to our paid parking…turns out that a Moose was on the Loose…no seriously…traffic was just a mess; we had to double back to University Crescent and navigate our way back to our parking.
  • Great game by Clarence Denmark…a reliable vet who just continues to produce.

    Banjo 3

  • Worried about our secondary consistently getting beat on explosion plays…Bombers have the bye this week and must do something to improve the secondary.
  • What an absolute brilliant punt return fake, which resulted in a return for a touchdown by Maurice Leggett.  That is why the Bombers have one closed practice a week…that is when they install those great special teams plays.
  • Though he is somewhat of a clown, Duran Carter is one very talented player; the Randy Moss of the CFL…should be playing in the NFL, but they don’t want to deal with attitude.  I’m sure his dad, NFL Hall of Famer, Chris Carter would love to see him down there…but there needs to be a major attitude change.

    Banjo 4

  • Matty Ice just continues to produce consistent QB play; as Chris said during the game…”why has it taken since Khari Jones to get a quarterback like Nichols?”  It’s just great to see solid, professional quarterbacking, knowing that we are always in the game!!
    Matty ice
  • So great being at a sold out, electric IGF; it’s taken a long time, but all credit goes to Wade Miller and Kyle Walters for an outstanding job of rebuilding this franchise. No longer is their shame in wearing a Bomber jersey around the city or even talking about the Bombers.  It’s been long and painful…but an afternoon like yesterday sure was spectacular.


  • Maurice Leggett…climbing up the ladder to one of the all time great Blue Bombers defensive players; after being the rookie of the year for the Kansas City Chiefs, Moe came up to Winnipeg and has become a leader on the team and all around the city. He’s right up there with the Rod Hills, Greg Battles, Ty Jones, James West type of defensive players for the Bombers


  • Justin Medlock is worth every penny he is paid…he is “money”!!  He had tryouts with seven different NFL teams, yet never stuck; we sure are lucky to have him with the Bombers.
  • Very, very impressed with Jovan Santos-Knox; his first professional start as a linebacker…had a great interception and was a tackling machine!!

    Banjo 2

  • If this team has any hopes of going deep in the playoffs…the coaching staff needs to take this bye week and do a lot of work on the defence.  Hopefully there will be a return of Tyler Loffler and Ian Wild…that will certainly help.

Banjo 1


One thought on “Maurice Leggett leads Bombers to a convincing 48-28 win over the Riders…by Chuck Duboff

  1. Good Morning Big Blue Will have to ask Wade Miller where he got the idea for the “pregame” entertainment, and nice to know that the moose was taken back into his own safe space. That “Fake Punt Return” was a thing of beauty to watch. fooled the Riders and a few fans. Agree totally with you saying that they will have to be doing a lot of work with Bomber Defense, very suspect at times, being king here.
    Noise level, OUTSTANDING , well done Bomber’s.


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