Jets fans eagerly expecting a breakthrough season for the Winnipeg Jets!!


“We know that we’ve got to make the playoffs. It’s not we hope to make the playoffs; we need to make the playoffs. I know I want to be in the playoffs. I want to go on a long run. There’s nothing more fun than winning. But I think we’re all feeling that pressure to do some big things this year.”  Mark Scheifele

Scheif and Laine

Two of the NHL’s best: Mark Scheifele and Patrick Laine

© Chuck Duboff

“Its cliche, but with the young, strong, fast players with the depth of defence the Jets have, as long as they stay major injury free, they will be unstoppable.”  Kristen Walker, Winnipeg Jets fan.

Year 7 of Winnipeg Jets 2.0 finds fans’ expectations for a break out season through the roof!!  With a lineup featuring Laine, Ehlers, Wheeler, Schiefele, Trouba, Morrisey and Big Buff, there is anticipation of not only the playoffs, but a long run into the second, third, final round!!


Nic Ehlers

Monster year!!  We see this team starting  their rise this season and I see playoffs in the 2017/18 season!  Michael Wynne, Winnipeg Jets fan.

The addition of goaltender Steve Mason has everybody excited; allowing far too many goals last season negated the prolific offence.  There’s a real hope that Mason will be able to be the goaltender this team has needed.  Along with Mason, the Jets added Dimitri Kulakov to their defence; despite the fact he had an injury plagued season in Buffalo last year, the Jets expect to see the first round pick Florida drafted and who became an essential cog in their D.

A defence of Buff and Morrisey, Myers and Enstrom, along with Trouba and Kulakov has fans excited, that along with Mason, the goals allowed number will come down dramatically.


Josh Morrisey

“The forwards are good enough to compete against any team in the NHL; the best part is they are young enough where they are still growing.”  Will Sutton, Winnipeg Jets fan.

The Jets top six forwards…electric.  Patrick Laine, a sensational rookie season!!  Nic Ehlers, incredible speed and shot, Blake Wheeler, 100% effort and talent for 60 minutes every game, Bryan Little and Matthieu Perrault, two talented, exciting playmakers and goal scorers.

Pierre LeBrun: “Overlooked superstar Scheifele ready for national spotlight.”


Then there is 24 year old, Mark Scheifele.  The development of this young man over the past six years has been amazing to watch.  Scheif has progressed from a frail 18 year old, constantly knocked off the puck, to a player who is now in the conversation as one of the best players in the league.  When the rest of the players on the team hear Scheif commenting that he wants to be the best in the league, that has to motivate all of them!!  It sure excites fans to read comments like that!!  “I don’t want to be just the 7th best in league scoring, I want to be the best!!”  Talk about a leader, a talent, a great role model for the rest of the players on the team.

‘No more excuses, it’s about winning now!”  Blake Wheeler.

“Its not on management, the coaches, the fans…it’s on us, the players!!  It’s time to win now!!  Matthieu Perrault.

“I looked at the lineup, I remember playing in the MTS Centre with all those fans, I couldn’t wait to sign here!!  There’s all the potential to win and go deep in the playoffs!” Steve Mason

How can the fans of the Winnipeg Jets not be excited about the upcoming season.  For six years we have been asked to be patient as the Jets worked their draft and develop plan. We watched the Jets draft Scheif, Lowry, Trouba, Ehlers, Morrisey, Conner, Petan , Hellybucyk, Roslovic, Copp and Comrie, but were told they will need time to develop.  It’s year 7 and suddenly the Jets are loaded with talented young players…a team that all prognosticators are expecting to go on a deep playoff run.  Paul Maurice has worked management’s plan and now has a team that is ready to rise into the upper echelon of the NHL.  No more excuses coach, you’ve got a loaded lineup…you and your coaches have got to make it happen this season!!

wheels captain

Coach, Captain and GM…in unison they all say the same thing: “It’s time to win, now!!”

As a die hard Jets fan, going back to the signing of Bobby Hull at the corner of Portage and Main, I don’t ever remember being so excited for a season.  Jets 1.0 and now Jets 2.0, …this kind of excitement for the start of a Jets season hasn’t been felt before.  Fans have been so very patient these past six years and now it is time to cash in our chips; anything less than a second or third round playoff run will be seen as a disappointment  Jets management are all on the same page; from coaches, to GM, to ownership…”it is time to win, NOW!!”  “No more excuses!!”  The fans have shown their loyalty and patience, now it is time to reap the reward of a long playoff run…nothing less!!

“Feel all jets players know this is the year THEY have to be a winning team and reward all the ever so loyal Jet Fans.  Am I excited about the Winnipeg Jets upcoming season, you betcha!”  Mickey Steen, long time Winnipeg Jets fan.

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2 thoughts on “Jets fans eagerly expecting a breakthrough season for the Winnipeg Jets!!

  1. Winnipeg Jets 2017/2018 in the Upper Echelon of the NHL, has a rather great sound to it. This old guy say Jets make it to the 3rd. round of the playoffs 2017/2018.
    Excited, oh yeah!


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