Jets fans eagerly expecting a breakthrough season for the Winnipeg Jets!!

Incredible response to this Jets excitement blog…every comment echoed to the sentiment that this is the year!!!

Chuck’s Eclectic Blog.

“We know that we’ve got to make the playoffs. It’s not we hope to make the playoffs; we need to make the playoffs. I know I want to be in the playoffs. I want to go on a long run. There’s nothing more fun than winning. But I think we’re all feeling that pressure to do some big things this year.”  Mark Scheifele

Scheif and Laine Two of the NHL’s best: Mark Scheifele and Patrick Laine

© Chuck Duboff

“Its cliche, but with the young, strong, fast players with the depth of defence the Jets have, as long as they stay major injury free, they will be unstoppable.”  Kristen Walker, Winnipeg Jets fan.

Year 7 of Winnipeg Jets 2.0 finds fans’ expectations for a break out season through the roof!!  With a lineup featuring Laine, Ehlers, Wheeler, Schiefele, Trouba, Morrisey and Big Buff, there is anticipation of not only the playoffs, but a…

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