Hypocrisy, thy name art politicians wrapped up in Jesus…who take millions and support the NRA….by Chuck Duboff


© Chuck Duboff

Donald Trump may be a lunatic madman…but, I would suggest that Mike Pence is a more dangerous, lying politician…spouting religious parables, while taking millions of dollars from the sickening National Rifle Association.

“Our thoughts and prayers for the victims and their families”. Mike Pence

This from the fucking  hypocrites, like VP Pence, who accept millions from the NRA and allow guns to continue to destroy innocent lives.  Young children in schools slaughtered, people enjoying a night club…slaughtered; 22,000 people enjoying a concert…horrifically slaughtered by a mad man.  An individual able to assemble a large quantity of automatic machine guns and ammo…used to gun down innocent Americans.  Senator Tom Cotton got $1,968,714 from the NRA; he’ll continue to do the thoughts and prayers ritual, but won’t do anything to prevent future massacres!!

kids sandy hook

But…the NRA says…this is our right.  The second Amendment to the American Constitution says so.  Well, you ignorant morons, the second Amendment was crafted for single bullet ammunition…not AK47’s!!!


The gun industry will watch all the howling this week about gun control, while the shares in Gun companies will rise.


It’s sickening America, it’s sickening…and to the bible loving American politicians who have the power to do something about the mass killings of Americans…shame on you.  If all that matters to you is the millions of dollars you receive from the NRA to keep your mouth shut…then your hypocrisy and the lives of the over 500 killed and hurt in yesterday’s horrific mass killing will be yours to live with.

Image: NRA Convenes For Annual Meeting In Indianapolis

Mike Pence…a bible thumping lover of the NRA!!!


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