Winnipeg Jets Report: The Unknown Star…by Geoff Brookes.

Game 1!!!! Let’s go Jets!!!

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Little 2

© Geoff Brookes

Give yourself 10 seconds to answer this question – no google searches please –

Mark Scheifele and Patrik Laine had 30+ goal seasons last year. Who is the other active Jets 2.0 playerto have had a 30+ goal season with our NHL franchise?

Answer – the unknown star, Bryan Little. He scored 31 goals in his sophomore NHL season, in 2008-2009, with the Atlanta Thrashers.

He’s also the first Jets 2.0 player to record a hat trick. And, he’s usually among the Jets leaders in puck possession stats (Corsi).

Bryan Little hasn’t achieved stardom in the NHL – yet. Not by the measure of headlines, or articles written about him. But his value to his team – the NHL Winnipeg Jets – is massive.

Little 1

The Jets had a bad start to their year in 2016-2017. Not surprisingly, this coincided with the absence of Bryan Little, due…

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