The Homer Simpson, frustrated Winnipeg Jets fan, rant on the home opener debacle!! by Chuck Duboff



© Chuck Duboff

  • Why is Adam Lowry getting the most ice time?  What has he ever done to earn that?
  • Brandon Tanev, really? Skates like the wind, but has little to no hockey talent. Doesn’t produce anything offensively and is a terrible penalty killer.
  • Charlie Huddy has been with the Jets since they moved here from Atlanta; our defence has been terrible since day 1…there is a direct correlation.
  • Paul Maurice talks a very good game…but when all you ever do is keep losing, one has to question your ability to coach an NHL team.

    Homer coach

    Winnipeg Jets new coach!!

  • Maurice has been dealt a great hand; talented players need direction from their coach.  I dare say, Maurice has to prove he can coach a talented team or he will probably never get another head coaching job in the NHL
  • Patrik Laine after the Jets lose 7-2 to Toronto: “This is embarrassing; I’m ashamed”
  • My first two lines would be Scheif with Ehlers and Laine…Little with Wheeler and Perrault.
  • At this point I don’t see a third line on the Jets.  My fourth line would be Lowry with Mathias and Armia.
  • Andrew Copp, Marco Dano, Nick Petan, Brandon Tanev…not one of these players has shown a real ability to play at the NHL level; as Winnipegers we tend to over rate our Jets and I would suggest those four players are highly over rated.
  • If the struggles continue putting a third line together…bring up Roslovic, Conner and Lemieux or Lipon…that line would bring you energy and talent.  It certainly couldn’t be any worse than what  we now have.Homer gif1
  • Our defence on Wednesday night looked like a fire drill gone wrong.  How can you have three weeks of training camp, dedicated to working on defence, produce a nightmare of a game that we saw on Wednesday?  Trouba and Buff looked terrible; Dmitri Kulakov is not an NHL defenceman…he’s brutal, one bad play after another. In my eyes, Tucker Poolman is a smarter, calmer defenceman and should be in the lineup ahead of Kulakov.
  • Draft and develp; draft and develop; draft and develop; be patient, give us time to build this team properly…those are the words that Jets fans, Jets season ticket holders have heard for the past six years…at some point True North, there needs to be a payoff for the fans.  You charge the 7th highest price for tickets in the NHL and we are witness to the garbage we saw on Wednesday night.  You can pretty up all you want the Bell MTS Centre, you can build your True North Square, you can be outstanding citizens in the community…but all of it will be for naught if you do not start putting a winning product on the ice.  I for one am losing patience very quickly with this team and specifically this coaching staff.  As Geoff stated yesterday, it’s time to make a phone call to Darryl Sutter, bring him in here and get some accountability for this never ending mess.
    Homer gif 2
  • You’re right Buff, it’s only one game, it’s only one game…but it’s the same freakin game we’ve been watching for the past six seasons!!  Spending thousands of dollars a year to watch a disorganized, talented group of hockey players unable to produce a winning team.  So to you it may just be one game, but to the fans this is the same old, same old we’ve been watching for the past six years.
  • The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, hello Charlie Huddy, and expecting a different result!!

    homer eyes


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