Providential…perhaps; received a very humbling message from a former student; thank you Alex.

Definition of providential – occurring at a favourable time; opportune, involving divine intervention.

Perhaps receiving this note from a former student was divine intervention; perhaps it was nothing more than a former student reaching out to convey his thoughts.
I do know that receiving these messages from Alex left me feeling grateful.  I was reminded of the book Tuesdays with Morrie…except now I am the old teacher and former students are sharing their gratitude.

Thank you Alex…that you are also a Yankees fan…well, that’s kinda cool!!   Keep on writing, it’s very cathartic.

The following messages are from Alex…I left them exactly as they were written.



Hey Mr Duboff. Couldn’t help notice your posts today. I know we haven’t talked much since school other than a few run ins and the odd chat on a Facebook post, but I just wanted to let you know that I love seeing your posts everyday. 🙂 I am a big Yankees fan and love your involvement with all of the local sports teams . I also want to tell you about how much you inspired me as a teacher. You were probably my most difficult teacher, you and I were polar opposites. I was the young soldier and you were the teacher who questioned the government, and when I was in your class I just wanted to get out. Years later I went through a real rough patch. Pretty dark. I turned to writing. All of your journalism classes came rushing back to me and I found a joy and a release in writing that freed my soul from whatever anguish I was feeling.
I write now when I’m happy, I write when I’m sad, I write just to make sense of this crazy world some days, and I just want to thank you for giving me the skills when I was a pig headed, cocky 17 year-old and for continuing to give me inspiration as a pig headed, confident 42 year old .
I just felt like today you could use some one telling you that you mean a lot to them and that you have been a big influence on their life, so I thought I would take this chance to be that person.

I wrote this message for you so it is yours to use however you wish 🙂
I will be honest. I had come upon the post of yours once or twice in the past and I said to myself ” I should really say something” and like most people I didn’t, I did nothing. I think the world has enough people doing nothing. It’s time to do something We need to help where we can, speak up where we should, and stand up when necessary. You can have a bad day but it felt like you were challenging your self worth, and I won’t allow that when you have meant so much to so many, many students and influenced so many lives. I would like you to know that if no one else will listen, I will.

Hope you have an incredible day 🙂



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