Random meeting with a former teaching colleague leads to a discussion about depression…by Chuck Duboff

Chuck Eclectic Blog

©Chuck Duboff

I bumped into a former teaching colleague of mine the other day.  It was really interesting, as the first thing he said to me was “I read your blog every day Chuck”.  That was a surprise on so many levels; first, that he knew about my blog and read it daily.  I would love to show my readers the breath and width of countries from around the world which have readers of my blog.  Secondly, that Bob reads my blog on a regular bases is rather humbling.

Bob and I taught high school English together for many years.  He was our department head and really held us to a pretty high standard.  I would have put our department up against any other high school in Winnipeg.  Though we were considered “tough” by our students, I know for a fact that many went on and did great things with…

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