How to Survive in the NHL Jungle…by Geoff Brookes

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Henrik-Lundqvist-New-York-Rangers-3 Are veterans like Lundquist on the chopping block because of the salary cap?

© Geoff Brookes

4-0 … 10-1 … These are scores from upset victories in this young NHL season, after just one week. Last year’s worst team? Shutout win. Last year’s Stanley Cup Champions? Humiliated 10-1.

Those scores don’t involve the Jets, but you could add their 5-2 road victory over Edmonton to that list.

What do these games have in common? They demonstrate the parity that exists in the modern salary-cap NHL.

Don’t be deceived by comparisons to other major sports. The NHL is the only major sports league with a “hard cap”, in which the 50%-50% revenue sharing between owners and players is mathematically enforced. The NHL lost an entire season to get this system in place.

The difference between the NHL and other sports is that there is a special type of withholding in place…

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