With focus on better defensive play, Jets stars like Laine & Scheif may produce fewer points…and that’s ok!! …by Chuck Duboff

Would you rather have Laine score 50 goals & Scheif get a hundred points and not make the playoffs…or…Laine scores 30 & Scheif gets 70 points and we make the playoffs? That’s where the Jets are at right now…defence first!!

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Wheels captain

© Chuck Duboff

“For the past six months everybody has been saying we need to play better defence; so tonight we play better defence and win and you start asking why we aren’t scoring more goals.” Big smile from Blake Wheeler and he is exactly right. In order for the Jets to be a playoff contender this year, the focus has to be on defence.

This was seen on Saturday night in the 2-1 win over the Carolina Hurricanes. We didn’t see Laine and Ehlers floating around the blue line waiting for a breakaway pass. Scheif and Wheels weren’t itching for a 2 on 1. The guys played true to the defensive system Coach Maurice is trying to install. It was not a flashy game, with the Jets only managing nine shots by late in the second period. However, any sustained pressure which Carolina generated, resulted in a lot of…

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