Saturday Morning Random Thoughts…with special commentary on Brian Pallister’s arrogance and lying…by Chuck Duboff

© Chuck Duboff

  • Winnipeg Free Press: “Tory support plummets,,,17 point drop.”  “Huge drop in support for Pallister government.”  Arrogance, lying, compassionless…and oh, did I mention…arrogance; thy name art Pallister!!Pallister
  • We will miss you Gord.  You symbolized all that is good about Canada.  Many a politician (see Brian Pallister) could learn a lot from you about what it means to be a kind, caring Canadian.Gord Ottawa
  • Game 7.  It’s CC to take us to the World Series!!
  • Brian Pallister…your health care tax suggestion will be your undoing.
  • Big win for the Jets last night; seeing Maurice put Brendan Lemieux out for the final two minutes speaks volumes.  Not Petan, Armia, Mathias, Copp…but a rookie playing his first NHL game!!  In my eyes, both Conner and Lemieux stick and guys like Armia and Mathias should be joining Marco Dano in the press box.  Call up JC Lipon and Jack Roslovic…but, something needs to be done, in a big way, about the bottom six!!
  • Speaking of Brendan Lemieux, it was so very cool seeing his dad, NHL great, Claude Lemieux at the game last night.  Talk about a spitting image…the kid looks like his dad and plays with the same grit and tenacity!!
  • Oh for the days of Barak Obama.
  • That was a special night last evening at the Jets game; Geoff was there with his son Sean and I was there with Laine; it just felt GREAT!!!  Happy for you pal.
  • Game 7.
  • 24 degrees Celsius on October 20th in Winnipeg and shorts to a Jets game!!  I’ll take that anyday.
  • Conner Hellebucyk is giving the Jets major league goaltending.
  • Cutting health programs all over the province, putting forth tax increases for Manitobans, freezing funding for universities…and Tory support plummets.  A return to the days of Tory rural support and the NDP controlling the city.  Still waiting for that PST cut Pallister.
  • When the US looks to George Bush for leadership and commentary: “this administration has emboldened racism”…you know the sad state of affairs in the United States.
  • Fargo the TV series…wow!!!  Loved the movie…the series just came on to Netflix; just awesome.
  • Game 7.
  • Gord Downie, Tom Petty, Greg Allman, Leonard Cohen, Glenn Fry, Prince, David Bowie….if you haven’t had a wakeup call until now…Gregg+Allman+Arrivals+My+Friends+Show+GDAQoevnnOYl        cropped-gord-canada.jpg
David Bowie

Gregg Allman, Gord Downie, David Bowie..

  • Taking my 92 year old mom to watch her 9 yr old great grandson play hockey today!!  Pretty amazing.
  • Hey Brian…you running down to Costa Rica to avoid answering questions about your poll numbers plummeting?  Everything you promised in the campaign was a lie…and the shots you took at Sellinger were lies and hypocrisy!!
  • Being able to take my grandkids to Jets games…priceless.22688714_10155480046665783_1814587017910460270_n
  • Game 7….starting pitching…the crazed crowd…nerves…the world series tantalizing…errors…home runs…clutch hits…great catches…Game 7 and the winner goes to the World Series…
  • Just sayin:  LET’S GO YANKEES!!!
  • Hope to be able to turn on the radio to WFAN in New York in the bottom of the 9th inning and hear John Sterling’s great call:  “Ball game over, Yankees win, theeeeee Yankees Win”!!!!!
    MLB: New York Yankees at Baltimore Orioles

    Will this be Joe Girardi’s last game managing the New York Yankees?


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