Thank you Yankees for one very special season!!!…by Chuck Duboff

© Chuck Duboff


  • I predicted a 3rd place East Division finish for the Bronx Bombers…did not see this special season coming…getting to within one game of the World Series…awesome!!
  • Thank you Aaron Judge for a season for the ages; Hitting 51 Home Runs as a rookie…an MVP candidate…your humble nature…youR smile…playing catch with kids…it was a joy to watch.
  • Sanchez, Bird, Sevarino, Montgomery…and so much talent in the system coming up…as a fan, there’s an exciting future ahead.sanchez-1024x683
  • Didi Gregorious at SS…I dare say, you’ve helped us move on from Jeter retiring.  You play a great SS and have a tremendous bat…great things ahead for you.
  • CC…you gave us all you had…thanks for the great years and all the best to whatever the future holds for you.
  • Todd Frazier…you lived your dream man.  Growing up in Jersey a Yankees fan…and then getting to play for your boyhood team!!  The look on your face in Yankee stadium was what baseball is all about…forget about the money, you were living your boyhood dream!!T Frazier.JPG
  • Joe Girardi…you were emotional after the game…you’ve given us a lot of great years as the skipper…but, I see changes coming.  Good luck where ever you land.
  • Brett Gardner…you play baseball the way it’s supposed to be played.
  • Bullpen looks great for years to come.
  • Yankee Stadium fans…quite simply, you are the best…absolute best in any sport.  Watching playoff games from Yankee Stadium…I get chills sitting up here in Winnipeg.   Number 1 on my bucket list:  seeing a Yankees playoff game, amidst the bleacher creatures in Right Field!!


  • To Paul O’Neil, Meredith Marakovits and Michael Kay…you guys are the best TV broadcasters…what a joy, what fun listening to you call a Yankees game.the trio
  • Had to save this for last: John Sterling and Suzy Waldman.  Thank you, thank you, thank you…listening to both of you call a game on radio, WFAN, is just the greatest!!  Takes me back to my boyhood days…Suzy your Yankees baseball knowledge is second to none…you are Terrific!!  John…wow…it does not get any better.  Your Judgian Ruth calls all summer were historic…and as the top of the 9th would wind down, with a Yankees win in sight, I would start practicing my: “Ball game over, Yankees win, theeeeee Yankees win!!!”and on the final out, I would join you in shouting that out!!


  • Thank you Yankees for one great, unexpected summer of baseball…and one last time until the spring:LET’S GO YANKEES!!!

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