The Jets Report… In search of a 3rd Line; by Geoff Brookes

This blog was written before Thursday evening’s game; this note is written Friday morning…last night’s game further showed how little the Jets are getting from their 3rd and 4th lines; Geoff and I both agree that the Jets need to spread their goal scorers out over at least the top 3 lines….and, further, Laine and Ehlers have to play with Scheif!!

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Brendan LemieuxLast week I wrote that the Jets had a “must win” game 7 – in October. And yes, they won that game versus the Minnesota Wild last Friday, in their 7th game of this young season.

Due to a peculiar gap in their schedule, the Jets next game is tonight versus the Pittsburgh Penguins – 5 nights after their game 7 victory. The Jets also play the Penguins at home on Sunday, and between that they sandwich in a game on the road versus Columbus, tomorrow night.

Pittsburgh and Columbus are two of the better teams in the NHL. Pittsburgh won the Stanley Cup the last 2 years, and their roster hasn’t really changed much. Columbus won 16 games in a row last year, and demolished the Jets in a recent game. The Jets have 4 wins and 3 losses this year. If they lose…

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