Sunday Morning Random Thoughts…with special shout outs to the AA champion Winnipeg Goldeyes!! by Chuck Duboff

© Chuck Duboff

  • The Winnipeg Goldeyes, the only Winnipeg pro sports team that knows how to consistently win!!goldeyes win
  • While other teams like Pittsburgh go out and fill a need, making a trade with Detroit to get a third line centre, Chevy continues to try and put a square peg into a round hole with players like Dano and Armia.  They’re not NHL players Chevy, move on from them.
  • The Winnipeg Blue Bombers…27 years of futility and counting…in a 9 team league; while the Winnipeg Goldeyes have won the championship 3 of the last 6 seasons in a 12 team league.
  • Is tomorrow D-Day for Herr Trump and his Mafioso family and government?trump and kids
  • Dustin Byfuglien…it’s just about that time Buff to think about hanging up the skates;  your play is beyond dreadful…can’t keep up with the other team, you have zero goals and your quarterbacking of the power play is brutal; you’re slowing down Buff…hope you’re not just hanging around to get a big cheque.  Chevy, it’s up to you to see what you can get for Buff now…Maurice, you can’t be afraid to sit the big man and play Poolman.  It’s time to move on from 33.Big Buff
  • Gord Downie…Tom Petty…Greg Allman…that must be some kinda rock you guys are playin up there!!  What a jam session that must be!!
  • Thanks Joe Girardi for a great 10 year run; all class…it was just time to move on; there’s so much great young talent coming up for the Yankees, it’s time for a fresh new voice to lead them!!  Chevy: the Yankees aren’t afraid to make a move…that’s why they win championships…you should be on the phone to Darryl Sutter right now.
  • Dan LeFevour is supposedly a professional quarterback…I have never seen a more poorly thrown, wobbly pass than what he exhibited over and over and over yesterday…nearly getting Andrew Harris decapitated.
  • 108 days until the beaches of Puerto Vallarta
  • Time to move on from Effexor and try something new…it doesn’t seem to be working anymore.
  • Vegas has a record of 8-1…the Leafs are playing solid hockey…and I dare say…we have more talent than both; what is the key factor: coaching!!!  If we had Mike Babcock here with the Jets…we’d be steam rolling over the league.  The True North way is to wait a year or two too long and then make an overdue firing.  I’d have Darryl Sutter in here coaching tomorrow!!  We will win nothing with Maurice as our coach…that power play the other night was an embarrassment…
  • Richie Hall, Charlie Huddy, Paul Maurice…yeesh.scheifele
  • The top line should be 29, 27 and 55!!
  • Try and deflect attention from the inevitable impeachment Herr Trump…give us JFK records, keep talking about Hilary..but, the bottom line is that Meuller is bringing charges starting tomorrow, and your giant ass and narcissistic head are about to explode…and you had the freakin audacity to criticize Obama for golfing a couple of times…while you and your fat ass have lived on the golf course!!

    fat trump

  • Thank you Sam Katz, Andrew Collier & staff, Rick Forney, Tom Vaeth, Reggie Abercrombie and all the rest of the Winnipeg Goldeyes front office and players who make it enjoyable to go to a game, knowing that there is a semblance of a chance that we will win…guys who are making minimal salaries playing their butts off, while well paid Bombers and Jets just keep on losing.

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