First time I’ve ever stated this: there is a clear bias against the Winnipeg Jets by NHL referees!! by Chuck Duboff


© Chuck Duboff

This will be a very clearly stated blog.  You won’t have to ask, “what are you saying Chuck?”   One fan expressing his opinion:

NHL referees have a very clear bias against the Winnipeg Jets.  Period.  End of Discussion.

In the past two weeks four goals have gone against the Jets in what were calls that should have gone the other way.  Brendan Taniv scores a goal, but it is overruled…Ben Bishop had clearly put his stick into Mark Scheifele’s skates…but that doesn’t matter, does it Mr. Referee…it’s the Jets, so it can be overruled.

Last night Conner Hellebucyk has the puck in his glove, under control…Andrew Shaw hacks it out of his glove into the net and its a goal.  Mr/ Referee remembers its the Jets, so, presto, it’s a goal for the sainted Montreal Canadians.  Conner Hellebucyk post game:–connor-hellebuyck/t-277437442/c-54250103

On the winning goal for Montreal…Big Buff is clearly interfered with, which leaves Max Pacioretty all alone in front of the net for the winning goal.  Even Jets head coach Paul Maurice, who refrains from saying things about referees, stated that that was clearly interference.  But, its just the Winnipeg Jets, right Mr. Referee, against the lords of hockey…that has to go Montreal’s way, right?

buff and ref

Who can forget referee Francois St. Laurent clearly laughing on-mike after he had made a brutal call against the Winnipeg Jets…

“Late in the second period of a game between the Winnipeg Jets and Tampa Bay Lightning, played on 18 February 2016, Anton Stralman delivered a questionable hit to Bryan Little. St. Laurent and partner Dan O’Rourke did not issue penalties on the hit. (Blake Wheeler and Stralman would get penalties for roughing, while Stralman would not be suspended.[56] Little ended up missing the rest of the regular season because of a T6 vertebrae fracture.[57]) Upon hearing that there would be no further penalties towards Stralman, Jets coach Paul Maurice took exception to what he had heard from the referees. Based on his comments, the Jets would receive a bench minor.

Upon coming back to the bench for the start of the third period, Maurice would be sent back to the locker room, as he was ejected by St. Laurent.[59]TSN, the network covering the game for the Jets, showed St. Laurent looking at the bench. Another shot showed what appeared to be him laughing about something; this gave the commentators the impression that the laughter stemmed from him ejecting Maurice. Said Maurice after the game: “I would say that would then have been consistent with their overall demeanor regarding the incident.”  (Source, Wikipedia)

Refs 2.jpg

We get it, we’re just the little hiccup on the prairies…who are we to expect fair treatment from the referees.

It’s freakin time that somebody in the Winnipeg Jets organization stand up and say something, do something about this.  We as fans pay hundreds of dollars for tickets to see a fairly called game by the referees.  This is a bias against the Winnipeg Jets by NHL referees.

In case you haven’t heard this is the last few minutes Mr. Referee:



10 thoughts on “First time I’ve ever stated this: there is a clear bias against the Winnipeg Jets by NHL referees!! by Chuck Duboff

  1. I read this and as strange as it may sound, we were talking about the same thing this morning over breakfast at a Sal’s, Winnipeg Jets and NHL Officials and how seemingly bias they are towards the Jets. Is it time for Jet Management to inquire to the NHL Officials, YES, but when it will likely fall on DEAF EARS – would it help Sitting here at home watching the game last night there were several “That’s another bull shit call against the Jets” along with some other colorful language shouts. An honest and good report re Jets & Referee’s.


  2. Bang On assessment! We’ve competed hard the last few weeks and it’s frustrating when the officials dictate things like that! I’ve always said Bettman is bitter about having to move the Atl franchise to Canada and this is his petty way of showing it


  3. First of all this is not a complaint on whether or not poor officiating is to blame for wins or losses. It is about proper use of reviews and enforcement of rules. The NHL has a long history (maybe even call it a tradition) of changing enforcement based on game scenarios. Here are some examples:
    – The even up call. Refs constantly make even up calls. You can almost guarantee when a ref is going to call an even up penalty when two quick penalties go against the other team.
    – Different rules for the playoffs.
    – Different rules during preseason
    – Different rules for different teams (I explain below)
    There are different rules for different teams. I can’t explain all of it but some is clear to me. Example 1: Buff. He gets more unfair calls then any other player I’ve seen. Guys run into him and it’s a roughing or interference call. Buff lifts a guys stick without touching his hands, hooking. Buff lines a guy up it’s either elbowing or charging. It’s like the refs are trying to force him to play non-contact hockey!
    Example 2: Crease violations and goalie interference. This should be 100% fair because they usually see the overhead review. Yet the Jets have been horribly screwed over lately.
    Example 3: Perception calls. Refs are making penalty calls based on what it looks like not the actual penalty. Case in point – Byfuglien trips over an extended skate in the corner, but he is so big and strong it must have been a dive. The same logic seems to work against the jets at the same time. Kulikov makes a solid hit in the slot as a Montreal player comes toward the net with his head down, but it looks bad because the MTL player goes down hard. Roughing. What? How is a body check against a puck handler roughing? Was he supposed to just let him go?

    The jets have been the most penalized team for years and it’s no accident. The refs believe the jets take penalties so they now are calling phantom penalties. It’s become more about reputation than reality.


  4. The Bryan Little story is the epitome of what is wrong with the modern NHL. Scorn from referees should be replaced by a deep concern for the safety of players, and the integrity of the game.

    The same thought applies to Hellebuyck having a puck slapped out of his glove. If the referees aren’t going protect goalies in a way that really matters, then who would want to play goalie? The frustration for the goalie is palpable. (Compared to Bishop applying his goal stick to Mark Scheifele and then screaming for a call when he loses control of his own stick).

    And if the league cares about concussions, apart from the gruesome Bryan Little example, they really need to focus on interference as a penalty – like the egregious interference on Byfuglien that led to the winning goal. It’s the unexpected hints – like interference – that often lead to concussions – apart most this hit from causing the winning goal when Byfuglien was already killing a penalty!

    Meanwhile, the Jets have had 2 goals disallowed in the last week – Bishops loose grip and the clearly “good goal” from Tyler Myers.

    If it isn’t referee bias, NHL, then would you are to explain this incredible string of screw-ups?


  5. I’ve always said referees should be held accountable for their calls during a game. The same as players are held accountable, if a player screws up he is subject to a suspension without pay and fined, the same principle should apply to the referees. All games should be reviewed by an independent review board. Costly, maybe but that is what it has come down too.


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