Winnipeg Blue Bombers…make it 27 years of futility!! by Chuck Duboff

© Chuck Duboff

Derek Jeter was asked the question:  “If you made it to the World Series but lost, would you consider it a successful season?” to which Jeter replied, incredulously, “No, you haven’t won anything, there’s nothing successful about losing.”

mike-oshea-1040x572 (1)

Make it 27 straight years of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers not being successful.  Read that again…27 years!!!  In a 9 team league.  27 years in a 9 team league and the Winnipeg Blue Bombers haven’t won a Grey Cup during that time period.  The Winnipeg Goldeyes play in the 12 team American Association and have won 3 Championships in the last five years.

I watched young people in the stands yesterday, cheering like crazy in the first half when the Bombers took a brief 10-7 lead.  I was happy for those young fans cheering wildly, as they’ve probably never seen the Bombers win the Grey Cup.  Yet, while they were cheering, I sat back and said to myself…this is going to end badly…and in the second half as Edmonton pulled away, those fans grew quiet and I felt for them.

I was fortunate to watch great Bomber teams in the ’60’s win Grey Cups and then in the 1980’s the Bombers won Cups in ’84, ’88 and ’90…three in 7 years.


Just because we won 12 regular season games, does not make this a a successful season.  We lost a playoff game yet again.  All season long we stubbornly held onto Richie Hall’s defence that was burned game after game after game…and we made no changes!!  That is on both Mike O’Shea and Kyle Walters.  The status quo doesn’t work guys!!  Our receiving corps is terrible…other than Darvin Adams, we don’t have a receiver who could start on Saskatchewan, Edmonton or Calgary…and yet we stuck with a pretty awful collection of receivers.  Playing Sam Hurl at MLB is an insult to any average football fan’s intelligence…teams ran up the gut on the Bombers every game…and Hurl was run over play after play after play…and we stuck with him at MLB all season…Stubborn, stubborn, stubborn.


Two seasons in a row, when the game was on the line in the playoffs…Coach O’Shea makes questionable decisions that  lead to the Bombers loss…that fake punt yesterday was inexcusable  “I let the team down with that call” O’Shea.

I give a lot of credit to Matt Nichols who played with a broken finger since Oct 6th and had a bum leg which limited his mobility yesterday.  The man is a warrior and i’ve only got good things to say about him.

This team could use 40 more Andrew Harris type players…players who play with their heart on their sleeve; Harris has got nothing to hang his head about…he too is a warrior and should be proud of representing his home city so well.

I hope I’m around if/when the Bombers win the Grey Cup again…I hope for the sake of the young Bomber fans in this city that that happens sooner than later.

But please…don’t tell me this was a successful season…Derek Jeter was a winner on the field and as he said…losing is never successful!!


2 thoughts on “Winnipeg Blue Bombers…make it 27 years of futility!! by Chuck Duboff

  1. 1st. half end, the score is 10 – 10 Bombers were in the game and had played fairly good football.
    2nd. half DISASTER – our defesce became the Invisible Man – they completely disappeared.
    I cannot recall seeing a receiver so WIDE open as what happened yesterday, not once, not twice but 3 times. When the cameras were able to come across a Bomber D-man they were all standing, looking at one another, wasn’t that your man. Fake punt ???? Mr. O’Shea looked like a Bomber D-man on that call.
    SO, again it’s back to “Next Year” time but our Bomber people at the top better be making some major changes to the look of the Bomber Team they put on the field come the 2018 season.
    In the meantime ” GOOD MORNING BIG BLUE ! “


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