Jets fans: it’s time to believe!! Our team is for REAL!!! by Derek Brookes





© Derek Brookes

WPG Brooksie here, not to be confused with Geoff who is the prolific writer and super fan in the family.  I don’t stop to write anything more than 140 characters very often.  Today’s 140+ piece might have something to do with a looming assignment due and my desire to avoid it.

Jets fans 1


Jet fans are a neurotic bunch.  This particular fan base could definitely go 10 rounds with a psychiatrist.  There are glory moments, ghosts and skeletons embedded deep in the psyche of jet fans.  This drives our desire for glory and also our deep paranoia that success is unsustainable.  As we drift off to sleep at night, we don’t count sheep.  The are many demons yet laid to rest.  A Christ figure wearing 10 picks us from the depths of failure, leads us through our first playoff series victory only to drop in agony (broken ribs) as if the gods struck him down.  We dream of OT playoff goals (Ellett), but then the fantasy collapses with a dramatic come from behind reversal leaving us lost in the abyss.  We remember the nirvana of seeing a superstar 76 goal season then the demons return.  The superstar is once again struck down dramatically (severed achilles), is sent into exile and followed by the team soon after.

Maybe it’s no surprise then that while the Jets are reaping a bounty harvest as thanksgiving approaches their fans are fearful.  The jets won 7 in a row last spring and hockey fans rolled their eyes as it was too little too late.  It was dismissed as meaningless match ups as playoff bound teams rested their stars for the playoffs.  But maybe there was something there we all missed?   I think there was.  This team has found itself and made peace with failure of the past.  Whatever it was, it is now clear these guys believe in themselves.  If you count the 7 from last year they are now 19-4-3 which is a blistering pace.  Projected over 82 games that’s 129 points! They are blasting Celine Dion in the dressing room.  They’ve created their own moment, like the replacements signing ”I Will Survive” in a jail cell. (

This team is going to have a season to remember and we are still at the beginning of a magical ride that might last into June.  Yet Jet fans are doubtful, fearful, even critical.  Why don’t WE believe?


Maybe we all need a bonding moment.  Like the one on May 19, 2011 when we sang O Canada at the top of our lungs at Portage and Main.  (  We need to take the brave step into the light and begin to accept that it can happen here.  We aren’t cursed.  We can be winners.  It’s time to embrace the unknown and shout #GoJetsGo for everyone to hear.

Jets cover


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