As I enter the top of the 8th, the reality of where I am in life is clear…by Chuck Duboff

Thank you for all who read this blog yesterday; the number of reads and the feedback was greatly appreciated…it was truly very cathartic writing this blog….rather than fighting “getting old”, it’s time to embrace where I’m at and enjoy it; there’s no going back and living in the past, I’m in the top of the 8th, so it’s time to get some runners on base and drive in some runs!!!

Chuck Eclectic Blog


“And I have no control over which yesterdays I keep and which ones get deleted.”
From the book: Still Alice

© Chuck Duboff

Jethro Tull playing Minstrels in the Gallery, hot Green Tea, bottle of water and a beautiful leather recliner.

I am feeling very lucid and of clear mind today, as I sit down to write and share at a very deep level.

Malcom Young, founder and main song writer for AC/DC, passed away Saturday morning at 64 years of age; he had suffered from dementia for the past three years.  That’s right, 64 years old.  In just 41 days I will be turning 64 and will be reminded of the Beatles singing “When I’m 64”, and Malcom passing away.  I was in my early teens when the Beatles wrote an outlandish song about the notion of being 64 years old.  Malcom and the boys have rocked my world…

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