Jets ranked 3rd in NHL!! Fans and franchise being rewarded for patience; by Geoff Brookes & Chuck Duboff

4-1 win over Anaheim keeps our Jets rolling; as Geoff and I joked about while watching yesterday’s game, it looks like the 2nd line, and specifically Ehlers, read our blog yesterday and decided it was time to put on a show!! If we can get our top two lines playing at that level, we are going to be really hard to beat!!

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© Geoff Brookes & Chuck Duboff


At the 21 game mark the Winnipeg Jets have 13 wins, 5 losses, and 3 OT/shootout losses.
Only 1 team in the history of the Winnipeg Jets, 1.0 or 2.0, or the Atlanta Thrashers, has started with a record as good as the 2017-2018 record, for the first 21 games.

 The only team to beat the current 21 game record was the 1986-1987 Jets, when they went 13-7-1. (This would be equivalent to 13-8 for the current Jets. Only 2 games in 86-87 went to OT, and 1 was a win). Even the great team of 1984-85 didn’t start as well as the current Jets.

 Think about that. In 35 hockey seasons (including the Thrashers), only 1 Jets/Thrashers team had a better start to the season. Not only is the current Jets roster finding new airspace, but the prospects are getting rave reviews…

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