Jets just 2 points out of first place overall in the NHL!! How has this happened?…by Chuck Duboff

Ehlers 1

© Chuck Duboff

  • Great drafting; Scheif, Trouba, Morrisey, Conner, Laine, Ehlers…all first round picks.
  • Great picks later in the draft: Lowry, Hellybucyk, Copp
  • The highway robbery trade; getting rid of the cancer whose name was Evander Kane and getting: Tyler Myers, Joel Armia, Brendan Lemieux and Jack Roslovic
  • Two great free agent signings in Matthieu Perrault and Matt Hendricks.
  • Another year of maturity.
  • The young players displaying the talent that led to their drafting.
  • Maurice and his coaches having the team prepared.
  • Our sizzling power play; found it interesting last night against Minnesota.  The Wild had 3 players surrounding Laine on the power play, which led to the pass by Wheeler to Scheif for the one timer!!
  • Ehlers taking his game to another level.
  • Getting a healthy Tyler Myers back.Morrissey
  • Josh Morrisey playing like a talented ten year vet.
  • The team not getting down when they fall behind by a goal or two.
  • The Captain…Blake Wheeler…a great player and leader.
  • The team bouncing back in a big way from a loss.
  • Great goaltending by Conner Hellybucyk.  Maybe the number one reason for our success this season.Connor-Hellebuyck
  • The Jets speed…when they are skating, few teams can keep up with them.
  • Our third line of Lowry, Tanev and Copp forechecks and smothers the other team.
  • Our so called fourth line of Hendricks, Armia and Perrault having great chemistry.
  • I dare say few fans knew much about Matt Hendricks…what an incredible addition he has been to the team.  Watching him take on the bigger Kyle Quincy last night and standing up for his teammate was awesome!!  His presence  in the locker room and on the bench is immeasurable.   Great signing Chevy.
  • Depth, depth, depth; finally when we take an injury hit, we have got great talent on the Moose and there isn’t a big drop off.
  • Mark Scheifele turning into an NHL superstar!!  What a talent.
  • Dimitri Kulakov…a solid free agent signing who has solidified our D.
  • Confidence, confidence, confidence.  With each convincing win, both the players and fans are believing that this team is for real.
  • Though he may still have the odd “Buff” brain cramp…Big Buff is playing a much sounder, less complicated game.  Also seems to be hitting more than he has in the past.

    Jets fans 1

    Can this last?

    With each convincing win, I am cautiously becoming a believer that this team is for real.  They have a system that they are following to a T and when they are skating as they are capable of, there a few teams that can match them.  Will a “market correction” happen?  It’s hard to say…travel and injuries are such huge factors; but, given what we are seeing, it’s hard to see this team falling into a protracted slump, there is simply far too much talent on this team

                                                      YOUR WINNIPEG JETS!!!


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