Complacency leads to Mediocrity; Jets back to back losses a concern?…by Chuck Duboff

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“The team thought it was going to be easy because these teams aren’t doing as well as us”  Patrik Laine commenting on the 6-4 loss to the Florida Panthers.  (note: Geoff commented how refreshing Laine’s comments are…nothing but honest and truthful.

A few thoughts on the disappointing week the Winnipeg Jets are having.  I had mentioned to our resident Jets blogger Geoff, that the team was bound for a market correction.  Like everyone else, I’ve been excited how they’ve been playing, however, there was no way they were going to maintain that level of winning.  This is brand new territory for the team, organization and fans and you have to learn how to win from high up on the standings.  All the talk this past week, after the blowouts of Vegas and Ottawa, were about Stanley Cups and parades at Portage and Main.  I guess with age…

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