Sunday Morning Random Thoughts..the Bronx Bombers are back baby!!! by Chuck Duboff

© Chuck Duboff

  • “Now batting for the New York Yankees: Aaron Judge; now batting for the New York Yankees, Giancarlo Stanton!!”  Echoes of Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris.
  • Brian Pallister may be one of theee most heartless people I have ever seen; don’t worry about the human effect, as long as it reduces the debt, that’s all that matters.  Nothing more than a Trump wannabe making lewd sexist comments about a female architect.  You are an embarrassment to Manitoba!!
  • For those whining about the Yankees getting Stanton; a few points…first off, I don’t hear anybody complaining about the Dodgers having the highest payroll; I think all of the misguided angst should be put at the feet of Jeffrey Loria, the former carpetbagger owner of the Marlins who signed Stanton to a stratospheric contract which they could never afford and gave him a no trade clause.  The new owners, which included Derek Jeter, needed to get rid of that bloated salary.  With his no trade clause, Stanton decided he’d only play for the Dodgers or Yankees.  In all of that, how is it that the Yankees are doing anything wrong? Jealousy of 27 World Series I’d say.  Boston: Price, Sandoval, Chris Sale, etc…The Cubs bought their way to a World Series….so, I’m not going to apologize for getting Stanton…hmmm, Astros: Verlander, Beltran, McCann, etc…it’s the way of the professional sports world!!
  • Boston reacts:fenway
  • Suits…one daymn fine show.
  • Just relax Jets fans…yes, last week on this day, we were on top of the NHL…I really believe that all the media attention we received from across North America got into the players heads.  We weren’t the same team this week.  That’s ok…it’s a long season…the team is back home for three this week; a week which i believe is very critical to the rest of the season…have another difficult week and I’d say we’re in trouble…but, it’s right in front of them, with Chicago and St.Louis twice!!
  • Barak Obama warns of parallels to Nazi Germany:  if you’re not paying attention to what is going on in the United States, then I’d suggest it’s time to wake up: talk of secret police being formed, trashing your own FBI while supporting any and everything Putin says or does, supporting racist candidates…and as Geoff stated the other day: “you tell a lie over and over and over, people will start to believe it.”
  • Yankees middle of the order: Judge, Sanchez, Stanton, Gregorious!!!stanton-judge-070517-usnews-getty-ftr_w74toc1rb2i114jmj7xvaicjw
  • Man I hate winter!!
  • It is so much fun going and watching Laine play soccer and then Ben play hockey; they are both playing on the top level teams of their age class.  Both so talented and enjoying playing.
  • I’ll repeat what I said in my blog a few days ago:  “Complacency leads to mediocrity”.  If Jets stand pat and Chevy continues to be Chevy, we will continue to struggle in getting over that magical hump
  • Schitt’s Creek…maybe the funniest show on television..and a CBC production.  Season 4 starts in January on the CBC. ; The first three season are up on Netflix if you’ve never watched it; I’ve just finished re-watching the series for the third time.  Eugene Levy & his son Daniel Levy have created a brilliant cast of hilarious characters…give it a chance, you’ll love it.schitts-creek
  • Been listening to the Beatles non stop lately…what a great time in my life that was…from the bubble gum mop heads to psychedelic Sgt Peppers…so counter culture and fitting of the times.
  • The Beatles: “When I’m 64.”

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