Jets take it on the chin…Maurice schooled by Quenville…by Chuck Duboff

“That game wasn’t totally unexpected” Brian Little. I wonder about a comment like this…basically saying this team hasn’t learned how to handle success and expected that loss to Chicago. Additionally, I saw Helly’s numbers for the past ten games…not impressive. Lots needs to change in the next week with 2 against ST. Louis, then Nashville, Bruins and Islanders…season making week.

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  • Chicago 5, Winnipeg 1…and the score flattered the Jets.
  • “We weren’t ready to play…” Adam Lowry.  Not ready to play??  Hmmm.

    giphy Not ready to play????

  • Jets were smothered, out coached; in the first seven minutes the puck didn’t leave the Jets end of the ice.  Chicago came out prepared…the Jets, not so much.
  • Matthieu Perrault barely saw the ice in the first period….um, ok.

    giphy (1).gif Perrault, really?

  • Two weeks ago when we were on top of the world, I was more restrained than most would have expected, but the reality was…the media was gushing all over the team, fans were planning parades at Portage and Main…guess what?  It was just the start of December and a long season ahead…we followed this up with losses to Detroit, Florida, Tampa Bay…got a win over an inferior Vancouver team…and then got hammered last night.
  • Tyler Myers and Patrik Laine looked lost…

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