Your Sunday Morning read…random thoughts, by Chuck Duboff


© Chuck Duboff

  • Make that 5 losses in their last six games for the Winnipeg Jets.  To quote Jeff Hamilton of the Winnipeg Free Press “their free fall continues.”
  • Yesterday felt like the first real day of winter…driving out to watch Laine play soccer in the morning…snow was coming down, roads were snow covered and if it’s going to be winter…let it at least feel like it.
  • Was reading an article about the characteristics of a Fascist Dictator; if you had any doubts whatsoever about Herr Trump; some of the characteristics include:  Powerful Nationalism, Disdain for Human Rights, use supposed enemies as scapegoats,  rampant sexism, control of mass media, obsession with national security, religion and government are intertwined, corporate power protected, labor groups suppressed, disdain for intellectuals and the arts, obsession with crime and punishment,  punishment, rampant corruption, fraudulent elections!!hitler-and-trump
  • Mark Scheifele, one point in his last six games.
  • Brian Pallister: here’s a piece of coal for your holiday season.
  • Hey Jude:
  • Been in a Beatles kind of mood lately.
  • The Trump administration has banned the following words from being used in government agencies!!  Government censorship!!  Hello Big Brother!!  George Orwell, you knew what you spoke of!!
    “vulnerable,” “entitlement,” “diversity,” “transgender,” “fetus,” “evidence-based” and “science-based.”  Those words are censored by the American government!!censor
  • Comment posted on line last night after the Jets game:  Patrik Laine is just wandering all over the ice.  Taking needless penalties, creating no offence and at this point is more of a negative on the ice than a contributor.
  • I’d put Perrault on the first line with Scheif and Wheels…I’d also call up Jack Roslovic
  • For those who were not aware; Herr Trump had the NRA boss at the White House Christmas party on the anniversary of the Sandy Hook massacre.
  • Fox “nooze” should have its license taken away…no longer does it report news, but rather is just a mouthpiece for the Trump regime.
  • When Mueller unleashes his findings and Trump  is exposed for the lying, sexist animal that he is, all hell will break loose in the States.Trump
  • One of the great things you learn as a university student is how to think, not accept statements as fact, just because…you learn how to question and not necessarily accept things at face value.  Other than the hillbilly vote, it boggles my mind how any person with a semblance of intelligence could vote for that orange haired misogynist!!  I have read so many comments from those who voted for Herr Trump who shake their heads in collective disbelief that they voted for that narcissist!!  When, not if, he is impeached, there will be rioting on the streets, racist explosions and marshall law will be declared.   One man’s opinion, who doesn’t just accept things as they are.
  • To follow up that statement: it is ok to critique the Winnipeg Jets…I am a huge fan and want them to win the Cup, but, that being said…it’s ok to question things when you want the best for your team.  Just accepting them as they are and not wanting more is a recipe for mediocrity.  Yes, Chevy may have accumulated a lot of talent, but his rigid disdain to make a significant mover when things aren’t going well, is the reason we are in year seven of this build.
  • My commentary about Herr Trump reflects my serious concern for the future: I would suggest that when it’s about to all come crashing down, Dictator Trump will attack North Korea as a way to divert attention, knowing that he will be in charge and that can’t impeach someone during a time of war.
  • Ask our Jets blogger, Geoff Brookes, and he will attest to the fact that I stated a few weeks ago that the Jets were in for a market correction.  St. Louis tonight, Nashville, Tuesday, then Boston and the Islanders.  Tell me which games you think the Jets are going to win.
  • Wake up America before you don’t have any say whatsoever in your thoughts, actions and speech.  I lived that for one month down in Havana, where I was told to be quiet and be careful because the secret police were watching.  Trump is trashing the FBI and suggesting that a secret police might be the answer.  Wake up America, Putin has his puppet and his master plan of destroying American democracy is doing quite well.trump-putin-1024

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