A fun Saturday with some very cool videos: SNL, Goldeyes, Jets, one amazing photograph and the Boss with a great song!!

From both Geoff and myself…we want to wish everybody a Merry Christmas.


This first video is so freakin hilarious…leave it to Saturday Nigh Live to absolutely nail what it’s like getting old.  Enjoy.

This picture was taken by my awesome son Matt (mattduboffphotography)…he’s down in California for two weeks and took this amazing pic of the Redwood Forest.  Wow, just wow.

Redwood Forest

Picture by Matt Duboff Photography

This past season the Winnipeg Goldeyes won their second championship in a row; but for a fleeting moment it looked bad for the home 9…but fate had something else in mind and this video captures it all.


This is so very cool…the Winnipeg Jets’ Josh Morrisey does some holiday shopping at Sportchek and then surprises this family with great Christmas presents.


Couldn’t miss out on the boss singing Merry Christmas Baby!!


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