The holiday spirit through the eyes of two angels…Laine and Ben.

How wonderful this was to read again…three years ago on Dec 24.

Chuck and Geoff's Eclectic Blog

© Chuck Duboff

Monday afternoon I picked up Laine and Ben and we set out to get some flowers for Carly for her Birthday. I was overwhelmed by the peacefulness and joy which came from everything those two beautiful angels spoke. I thought I would share some of this true holiday spirit with you.


* With a sparkle in his eyes, Ben says: “Zaida, we were going to hide your cell phone on you.”

* Not able to contain her excitement, Laine says: “Zaida, I can’t wait to give Mommy the flowers we’re getting her.”

* “Can we get mommy a birthday balloon Zaida?”

* “Zaida, only three more sleeps till Christmas. Santa knows I’ve been a good boy, right?” “Of course he does Ben!”

*”Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer” It has become a tradition at Christmas time…when we go to the mall, Laine leads the three of us in…

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