Random thoughts on a quiet winter’s morning…by Chuck Duboff


© Chuck Duboff

  • RIP Johnny Bower…you were one of my boyhood heroes.
  • So Mike Huckabee, former Governor of Arkansas, says that Donald Trump is comparable to Winston Churchill; he claims that like Churchill, Trump is an iconic leader.
  • Then to follow that delusional comment up with more head shaking craziness. Orin Hatch, Senator from Utah, claims that Donald Trump is the greatest president in the history of the United States!!
  • …and in response to those two nut jobs:giphy (5).gif
  • Winnipeg Jets: 3-5-2 in their last ten games; as Geoff and I were conjecturing last evening, I have a premonition of a big Jets free fall coming up.  Far too many games in the last ten which should send major worries to Jets fans.  If you haven’t been paying attention, this team sorely misses Dustin Byfuglien!!  Buff has a presence on the ice, on the bench and in the locker room.  They are missing that right now.  Because of waiver rules it will probably mean that Poolman gets sent back down, but in a perfect world, I would keep Tucker and send Ben Chairot down.  The sooner we can get both Big Buff and Enstrom back, the better this team will be.
  • buff

    This is what’s missing from our Jets team right now.

  • In the past few weeks, I’d say that Adam Lowry has been the Jets best player; he’s using his body, getting in front of the net and is producing on a consistent basis.
  • The wind chilll this morning is -42 degrees Celsius!!  NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!  Too much of this:
    ice cold

    where i live in Winnipeg

    and not enough of this:


    the beach that i live on in Puerto Vallarta!!

  • Sometimes you just have to bite your lip and say…it’s just not worth getting upset about.
  • Looking forward to seeing a lot of friends back at the Canto del Sol resort in Puerto Vallarta.  The people are so friendly and helpful and make you feel so very welcome.
  • …and on January 1st, 64 years old I shall be.  Hard to fathom, truly hard to fathom, but I guess if my daughter is 40 and I have two grandchildren who are 9 and 11…64 is my reality:
  • Sounds like Matt is having an awesome time on his holiday.  So proud of him.
  • Watched The Great Escape once again…my annual viewing of a great movie!!
  • I think the Jets have to run with Conner Hellebucyk…they are a different team when Steve Mason is in the net.Connor-Hellebuyck
  • …and the forecast for the rest of the week in Winnipeg: in the -40’s, just 70 degrees Celsius colder than down in PV…aaaaaahhhhhhhh.
  • If i could have one wish for 2018…it’s that Special Investigator, Robert Mueller, who was appointed by the Republicans, unleashes all his findings about Herr Trump’s collusion with Russia,  Jared Kuschner’s financial thievery, and Ivanka and Donald Trump Jr’s lying to Grand Juries.   I said to Geoff in the summer of 2016 that Putin’s goal was the destabilization of the American democracy and his puppet Trump was his conduit to a broken United States.  As 2017 ends, I forecast civil strife in the US when Trump is brought down.  The extreme right will unleash all its ugliness, hatred and violence upon the country and Putin will have attained his goal.trump-mueller-620x412

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