The love of reading is instilled at a very young age; by Chuck Duboff

© Chuck Duboff

I had a wonderful day yesterday taking care of my two grandchildren, Ben and Laine.  They were excited because I had promised them that we would go to McNally Robinson and that they could each get one book.  When we got there, the English teacher in me just stood back and enjoyed the moment as Laine and Ben browsed through the books to find one they liked.  Laine found hers quickly and even though they didn’t have it in stock, she was cool with waiting till next week to get it.  Ben first looked through the sports books and then found a series “Dan the dog”…he was super excited and said: “can i buy the whole series Zaida?”  I just smiled so proudly and gave him a big hug.

When we got home, I asked the kids if they wanted to watch a movie on Netflix, to which Ben responded: “No, I want to read the new book you got me.”   Does it get any better!!!

You open up a whole world for kids when you give them the gift of reading: they can travel the world, explore, cheer, cry and share in the joy of the story they are reading.

I can talk so proudly about my daughter Carly and her husband Chris who always read with the kids.  They kept track in 2017 and the whole family read a total of 151 novels and books…and you wonder where the kids get their love of reading from.  Parents who read, grandparents who read…there’s not a greater gift!!


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