Jets Flying High…by Geoff Brookes!!

A note to all Jets fans…we’re not going to win every game…don’t start panicking if we lose a game or two…it’s the nature of sports; if we get through January still in great positioning in the standings…we’ve got a ten game homestand coming in February; so, cautionary, we will lose a few games…but, playing the same disciplined hockey will give us a chance to win more than we lose.

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The Winnipeg Jets are having the best season in their NHL history – so far.

I believe that they will continue this amazing run, if they stay moderately healthy. I had predicted 105 points for this season. At game 44, they’re trending towards 110 points.

They had shot out to a tremendous start, but appeared to falter in early December. From December 5 to December 12, their record was 1-3-1. This 5 game stretch was characterized by poor performances on the road against Detroit and Florida, and a stinker at home versus Chicago.

Another cause for concern at that time was that their record against playoff-ranked teams was just 6-6-3 (using today’s NHL’s standings to rank the playoff teams). While their record against non-playoff teams was 17-4-3, with a +21 goal differential, they had a negative goal differential of minus 6 versus the top NHL clubs.


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