Saturday morning random thoughts…by Chuck Duboff

Anytime the Jets lose two in a row there is concern…however, I’d suggest the Jets are exhausted and desperately need this 5 day break; hopefully Lowry and Tanev will be back and we will also be a week closer to Scheifele’s return…I’m sure the players, coaches, whole organization and fans can’t wait for that ten game homestand in February.

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  • Oklahoma workers call Martin Luther King Day, “nigger day”…Donald Trump’s AmeriKKKa:
  • Try and imagine Louis Riel Day being referred to as “half breed day!”  How would you react?
  • Good effort by the Jets last night…in that last minute Laine was robbed and Wheeler hit the post.  You’re not going to win every game…boys gotta come back tonight in Minnesota with a full 60 minute effort.
  • January temps in the -40’s…the older I get, the more I hate winter…grrrrr.
  • Winnipeg Goldeyes celebrating their 25 anniversary!!  I remember in 1994 when Sam Katz announced he had acquired a franchise in the Northern League and that we’d be playing out of Winnipeg Stadium…seems like just minutes ago!!

  • The ugly racism spewed by Herr Trump, the attacks on Muslims, Blacks, Jews, Latinos…so reminiscent of 1930’s Germany.  You tell a lie enough times and people will start to…

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