The Winnipeg Jets: Geoff & Chuck take an in-depth look at where the Jets are today and the final 36 games of the season!!…by Geoff Brookes & Chuck Duboff

The second part of our in-depth look at the Jets today and as they go into the final 36 games of the season.

Chuck Eclectic Blog

© Geoff Brookes

The Winnipeg Jets are now a contending team. They are good enough to compete for the Stanley Cup.
However, they are still vulnerable the injuries. Back to back losses to Chicago and Minnesota illustrated how much the Jets missed their three injured forwards.
Also, some matchups seem to present difficulties for the Jets – top echelon teams with strong skating and puck possession.
The Jets are a young team, and generally lack playoff experience.
As Chuck wrote, adding some players well before the trade deadline could give the Jets a confidence boost – that team management is going “all in” for a deep playoff run.
But what players are out there? And what can the Jets do, realistically?
It will likely surprise many Jets fans that the team is almost a cap team right now…. I’ll pause to let that sink in.
Based on cap geek, with…

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