Grateful for our Canadian Health Care System…something we shouldn’t take for granted; by Chuck Duboff


© Chuck Duboff

Canadians are raised in a country which bestows upon us a health care system which alleviates any financial pressures.  We come to expect that when we go to a doctor or hospital that there won’t be any requests for financial payment.  As Canadians, we take this system for granted, that our so called “free health care” will always be there for us.

Quite obviously, our health care isn’t free.  We pay for it in our taxes…and I for one am a person who has never complained about the taxes I pay.  Unlike our neighbours to the south, I would rather pay higher taxes and know that in the event that I get sick and need medical assistance, I won’t have to be worrying about payments.  Is our system perfect?  Of course not…yes, there are wait times…but, given the alternative, I feel we are very blessed with the system we have.

This past Thursday morning my mother was rushed to the hospital for what we learned later was a major angina attack.  Throughout the day I interacted with nurses aides, nurses, doctors, specialists, technologists…and every single professional was caring and supportive, concerned for my mother’s well being.  She received blood tests, cardio tests, consultations and a full lunch meal.  I joked with her that if we were in the States, the straw she was using for her water would have been itemized in the bill she would have received.  From blood pressure monitors to heart rate and oxygen intake to computers and syringes, there was never any worry about having to pay for any of it….and that is one pressure we didn’t have to deal with all day.



Is our Canadian Health Care System perfect?  Of course not, but I do know that I have never taken it for granted…and, I believe, all Canadians should be proud of what we do have.  Rather than complaining about the glitches in the system, perhaps we could work together to make it the envy of the whole world.

Oh yeah…after final discussions with two outstanding, caring doctors, I was able to take mom home, where she’s resting and grateful for all the help she received.



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