One fan’s view: three keys to the Jets success…by Chuck Duboff

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© Chuck Duboff


“Why aren’t the Jets scoring any goals?”  “What’s wrong with Conner, why hasn’t he scored lately?”  The Twitter-verse is ripe with negatrons who will find something wrong, even with a Rembrandt.

The Jets won two games last weekend scoring only three goals.  Yet, at no point did it feel like the Jets were going to lose those games.  The Jets are playing sound, responsible hockey, the kind of hockey that will need to be played in the playoffs.  Fire-wagon hockey will get you bounced in the first round, while the hockey the Jets are playing now gives them  a chance to go on a deep playoff run.

There are three keys to the Jets success:

  1.  Outstanding goaltending from Conner Hellebucyk.  The Jets are getting Vezina Trophy calibre play out of Hellebucyk and this instills a confidence in the rest of the team.  There is a calmness to…

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