A moral dilemma: The mighty Amazon vs the local book store; what to do? by Chuck Duboff

Interesting thoughts on this dilemma…

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Going back many years to the days of Watergate, I remember being an insatiable collector and reader of everything Nixon and Watergate.  I inhaled the books and had a good understanding of John Dean, Haldeman and Ehrilichman and Nixon’s hate list.  From Time Magazine to Walter Cronkite to books, I was, I’d say, a pretty knowledgeable scholar when it came to the National Nightmare.

So with the indescribable presidency of one Donald Trump, books have once again taken over my condo.  24/7 news cycles have replaced magazines, while podcasts, twitter and political panel discussions on cable networks have added juice to the political discussion of this most improbable president.

The dilemma which I would love your feedback on:

Fire and Fury is the explosive best seller, detailing the inner workings of the Trump Administration.  I was looking forward to getting this book and this is what I…

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