Society’s double standard: White privilege vs. Black Lives Matter…by Chuck Duboff

© Chuck Duboff

Sunday’s exciting Super Bowl win by the Philadelphia Eagles led to a powerful depiction of the double standard which exists within American Society.

Following the Eagles first Super Bowl win, rioting broke out on the streets of Philadelphia; cars were overturned, businesses vandalized, fires were set…and yet, no police reaction, no riot squads, no national guard were called in.  In fact, images were captured of police officers “partying” with fans, while obvious vandalism was occurring.  The overriding commentary was: “these are just white boys having fun!”

…had those been black youth destroying cars and property and starting fires…the police, riot squads and army would have been out arresting and beating up the black youth!!

black lives matter

A peaceful Black Lives Matter March

When Black people march peacefully, the white elite and neo-nazi segment of American society cries out “what more do they want?”   Well, black people want a society in which there is not a double standard, in which it is ok to celebrate just like the white youth do.  But in a society reflecting the racist views of its President, there is little hope for the immediate future of the United States.

“We laugh about white people doing things like this for a team, but look down on black and brown people upset over a killing,” one police officer tweeted.

“I agree that there is a clear and consistent double standard about rioting. A riot with mostly white people often gets turned into jokes,” another wrote. “Imagine the blow black if the majority of these people were black. I’m just saying, be consistent about it.”


White boys just having fun.


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