No style points for this Jets win; take the points and run…by Geoff Brookes

HKN Jets Oilers 20160930

The captain trying to fire the team up!

© Geoff Brookes

It’s a good thing that the referees don’t award style points at the end of the game.

The Jets will take the 2 points for the win, thank you very much. After an impressive thirty minutes, the Jets allowed the Coyotes to control the play for some extended shifts in the Jets zone, for the last 30 minutes. While the Jets did a good job of preventing seam passes and high danger chances for the Yotes, they allowed a lot of shots.

Hellebuyck seemed to be fighting the puck all night long, but got better as the third period rolled on. None of the Arizona goals were beauties. They were tips/screens/recovery shots.!


Hellebucyk seemed to be fighting the puck all night.

The best line for the Jets was the Perreault, Little, Ehlers line, who controlled the puck for long periods of time. The Petan line played well, especially Nic Petan. Number 19 scored on a nice tip, and set up Marco Dano with numerous glorious chances.

One thing you have to say about this Jets team – they find a way to win, especially at home, and especially with Hellebuyck in the net.

With the win, the Jets move back into first place in the Central Division, and third overall in the NHL!

Big Buff talking about playing his 800th NHL game last night:–dustin-byfuglien/t-277437442/c-57441003


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